Meaning and Importance of the Heart Chakra- Anahata Chakra- Part-1

1. Mantra: ‘Yam’ (Pronounced ‘Yum’)
2. Location: At the center of the chest. Under the sternum.
3. Color: Green
4. Position: Perpendicular to the Earth/ Parallel to the Spine
5. Rotation: Parallel to the spine
6. Corresponding Planetary energy: Venus
7. Corresponding Number: 6
8. Corresponding Mudra: Lotus Mudra

The Heart Chakra is most related to emotions, love and compassion. Throughout cultures the ‘heart’ is considered almost a synonym for matter of love, compassion, empathy and kindness.

Interestingly, the Heart Chakra isn’t only related to kindness and love. It is also related to fearlessness and strength. People who have an ‘open heart’ are considered as people who are unafraid of hurt and are ‘centered’ in their dealings with others.


Because love is the highest vibration. A person with an open heart is able to view situations without biases and fears that normally overshadow rationality and logic. Not only are these people more open to giving love but also receiving love.

The heart chakra is very connected with the lungs and the actual physical ‘heart’.

Therefore ‘heartache’ and grief can have a profound impact on the organs related to this ‘chakra‘. Quite often it is observed that people who suffer from ailments of the lungs and/or heart have undergone some form of emotional trauma in the past. In fact even in the cases of children who are born with heart and/or lung related problems, you can trace back the energetic roots of their conditions to unhealed emotional trauma in the family lineage.

Opening your heart chakra through ‘yoga’ meditation and ‘tantra’, invites more balance and ease into all areas of your life. Sure, calling in your soulmate and attracting love can be one of those things. However on a larger level, it invites more harmonious connections and interactions with all of life around you.

There is a reason therefore that this ‘chakra‘ is placed at the very center of the 7 ‘chakras‘. It is to illustrate that when you are compassionate and fearless in your emotions, you are also stable and centered in your energy.

Blockages in the heart ‘chakra‘ restrict the flow of ‘kundalini‘ energy upwards to the higher ‘chakras‘ that deal with consciousness and awareness.

This is because until you are able to let go of mundane emotions of ‘mine’, ‘yours’, ‘hurt’ and ‘harm’, you will not be able to raise your consciousness above the levels of the mundane world. You will not be able to raise your energy to a level where you can aspire to connect with the divine force.

The higher lesson here is to first develop the emotional understanding that you as a soul are required to grow above trivial matters of jealousy and resentment that stem from an idea of ‘separation’. It is to first develop the understanding that intrinsically, all of life is one.

Once you tap into the supreme understanding that all of life is one, it become easy to forgive just as easy it becomes to be fearless. This ultimately opens up your heart-centre and allows energy to move upwards. It also allows healing energy from the heart-centre to radiate outwards and make you a more approachable, attractive and desirable individual.

Don’t allow the hurt and negativity that others may have consciously or unconsciously dumped on you to make you a cynical, ‘closed off’ person. Don’t allow your failures and dejection to make you bitter. This is the key to unlocking your heart ‘chakra‘. The more your forgive and release any sort of bitterness and fear that may have crept into you as a result of the vagaries of life, the more you allow good things to find their way to you. The more you allow better connections and enriching experiences to fill your life with love and happiness.

Chakra artwork credits: Etsy

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