“I am very happy to write a reference for Jay. He has been my Personal Development Coach since 2019. Initially he started helping me deal with a difficult personal situation but soon he started guiding me and inspiring me to achieve goals which I thought were distant dreams, like becoming a certified private pilot while running a busy medicine practice to name a few. I have achieved many exciting and challenging personal growth objectives, and am spiritually, emotionally and physically stronger now, thanks to him.” – Shashank (Doctor)

“I had my first session with Mr.Kaushal, and I was completely impressed with his reading and observations. He is a great listener and our conversation was a great two way communication with both of us agreeing and disagreeing on certain topics. He was candid with his views and suggested great alternatives as a life coach. I certainly got a better insight into the path that I should take through his readings and coaching advise. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who are at crossroads be in their career or personal life. He gives you his full attention and time and seems genuinely vested in helping with whatever issue we are going through at the moment.” ~Roz (IT Professional)

“It was my good fortune to have stumbled upon Jay Ji’s insightful answers on Quora and his Youtube Videos.
The depth of his knowledge, his straight forward yet emphatic attitude, clarity of communication peppered with balanced positivity made me reach out to him
for consultation. And, it turned out to be a great decision.
I was going through a lot of emotional upheaval, and had hit rock bottom.
He helped me understand various planetary energies at work in my horoscope, and suddenly
my circumstances and challenges made sense to me in the light of fresh insights I received.
During an hour long session, I got answers to a dozen concerns I had about my relationship, career, karma, life path, health and so on.
His wise counsel helped me take informed decisions in the coming days.
What I admire the most about Jay Ji’s consultation is how he helps you understand your karma and suggests ways of navigating your life effectively .
I loved his approach to remedies. I got the remedies that resonated with me, made perfect sense to me, and of course worked for me. No mincing the words,
no sugar coating, your truth is shared with you with respect and kindness.
He decodes your chart for you, guides you, cautions you, and gives you priceless remedies. I have already recommended him to my family and friends.
Go for his consultations. You will be amazed with the results.
I am grateful to you, Jay Ji! Wishing you a lot of success in your chosen area of work!”
-Manju Bhartola (Educator)

Coach Kaushal leverages a personalized approach with his unique ability to listen and ask the right questions, thus steering you to work towards building a better version of yourself by focusing down on areas of improvement.
My session with Coach Kaushal enabled me to peel off unnecessary ,limiting mindset and compulsions, in order to dove deep into my inner identity.The session provided me with positive reinforcement and framework to help me navigate the change, this work towards maximizing my self- worth/potential.
I’m far from done -however, commitment to small steps( mediation work) will help me traverse through the progressive journey and break free from conditioned behavior pattern.
” ~Gauri (Housewife)

”Jay’s perspective on vedic astrology stands out amongst a sea of sameness. While paying respect to the core of astrology, he has understood how to adapt learnings for the modern age and is one of the few astrologers around who relies on his own mathematical calculations while making a chart.  This intuitive understanding of the science and art of astrology, reflected in his readings. He achieves a unique alchemy by keeping vedic astrology at the center of his readings but complementing it with other metaphysical disciplines that helps him uncover deep insights across all aspects of one’s life.  Through his readings I was able to identify the root cause of multiple patterns that have shaped the course of my life. Furthermore, I have been able to identify and reflect on the energies that I will be encountering in the future and could also rely on his insight & advice regarding how best to make the most of it.  A gifted writer, his simple but sharp insights really hit home and has gone a long way in helping me shape my mindset. Look forward to seeking his advice regularly and help reduce some of the turbulence in my roller coaster life!” -Harsh M (Designer)

“Jay ji belongs to the rare group of astrologers who can interpret astrological details with empathy and without any bias or prejudice. He demonstrates a deep faith in divinity and humanity. His books and readings show a sound knowledge of astrology which comes from a deeper understanding of spiritual purpose of life. The readings are accompanied with practical suggestions and guidance on how to overcome some of the challenging areas in life, to eventually achieve whatever purpose we wish to consciously or sub-consciously achieve. His modern outlook and structured readings and posts makes it apt for those who seek more than just a horoscope reading. I am happy to have found his posts on Quora, which led me to his books, and I further approached him for consultations. I pray and hope to be able to continue to seek guidance from him in future.” -Vani S (IT Professional)

“Jay’s knowledge is unparalleled. His mathematical and logic based approach results in a highly accurate predictive ability. He is truly a master in this field. Cannot recommend him enough.” -Raj Gill (Trader)

“Jay connects seamlessly across genders, ages and mindsets. His ability to make you aware of your inner strength and potential is like your new dawn.” -Namrata K. (Entrepreneur)

“Had connected with Jay for an astro reading. Was mighty inspired with his answers and insights on Quora and the fresh perspective with which he looks at life events. The reading was very empowering. I like the way he incorporated the modern systems along with age old ancient wisdom. Keep up the great work!” -Ninad Bhat (Singer)

“Jay is absolutely amazing. He listens very well and uses analogies that anyone can understand to deliver practical advice. You can feel that Jay really wants to help you as an individual because his methodology is action oriented. He will give you something tangible to work with. I highly recommend his services.” -Austin (Entrepreneur)

“Jay has a very interesting approach to spirituality. Very unique thing about him is that he has knowledge in diverse areas like sales, management, spirituality, astrology etc. This makes his approach very wholesome.-Prajvala R. (Business Development Professional)

“I am a borderline skeptic and I discovered Jay rather serendipitously at a time when I had almost given up. He is a very well researched coach with a life experience to match. He has guided me with utmost sincerity and the best part was I never felt rushed into solutions. Jay used his solid grasp on astrological studies and keen understanding of human psychology to help me in the most optimal way. It’s like getting two professionals for the price of one. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to bring lasting positive change in their lives.” Shweta (Full time single mother)

“My experience with Jay was just amazing.
For years i consulted so many astrology experts , different readers from palm,face to tarot , but their predictions never chimed with the actual situations or events in my life.
After reading A few articles by Jay i was thoroughly impressed and decided to approach him .Which was the best decision ever as i got the answers i had been seeking for from a long long time!
His mathematical approach to astrology with such attention to the small details made it an experience like no other.
At a time where most astrology/numerology related services thrive on the creation of fear in the minds of an individual
Jay follows a completely different course of helping one get rid of their fear or anxieties by providing practical solutions to them.
On top of that he is so kind with his words and extremely approachable. 
Loved it!!”
~Paramjot Kaur (Civil Services Aspirant)

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