What you seek is seeking you!


Your fate is not sealed by the stars but defined by your will to change!

The world is made up of two kinds of people:

  • The ones that resign to fate and fall into ‘a-karma‘ (inaction)
  • The ones who proactively co-create with the universe through the power of their ‘karma‘ (power of action)

It is very easy to blame our lack of action on our ‘stars’ and there are plenty of ‘astrologers’ and ‘readers’ out there who will enable you in this path of ‘in-action’.

But Vedic philosophy teaches us that nothing is unachievable in this world with ‘tapa‘(self discipline), ‘dhyana‘(meditation) and ‘saadhna‘(devotion)

  • Savitri‘ compelled Yama himself to return her husband by channeling the power of her unwavering devotion.
  • By the power of his ‘tapa‘ alone, ‘Vishwamitra‘ created his own ‘loka‘ since he was not allowed into ‘Deva-loka’.
  • Dhruva‘ returned unhurt from the fire because his devotion to ‘Vishnu‘ was unwavering.

Too legendary?

Let’s take the example of a ‘real’ person from the 20th century:

“Occasionally, I told astrologers to select my worst periods, according to planetary indications, and I would still accomplish whatever task I set myself. It is true that my success at such times has been preceded by extraordinary difficulties. But my conviction has always been justified: faith in divine protection, and right use of man’s God-given will, are forces more formidable than are influences flowing from the heavens”

Paramhansa Yogananda

Need examples of more ‘ordinary’ people?

  • Lightweight boxer Vinny Pazienza (Paz) met with a head on collision that broke his neck in 3 places.
    • He was told he might never walk again and certainly never box again.
    • Working out with a metal frame screwed to his head defying odds that doctors predicted would be ‘fatal’…13 months later he returned to the ring…
    • and won his comeback fight after 10 rounds.
  • Malala Yousufzai was on a bus in Swat district, returning after an exam when Taliban gunmen attacked her and shot her in the head.
    • Malala remained in a coma in critical condition.
    • Few months later, she returned back with a renewed vigor to continue activism in support of right to education.
    • Less than 2 years later she became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs. His mother refused to hold him upon birth and his parents actually went out of the delivery room without seeing him.
    • Bullied in school for an obvious difference from other students, Nick even tried to commit suicide by drowning himself in his bathtub.
    • When he was 17, he started giving talks in a prayer group. He graduated with a double major in commerce at 23 he founded his own NGO. Today he is a renowned motivational speaker.

This is the power of ‘tapa‘ or ‘saadhna‘.

‘Tapa’ is not sitting under a tree meditating like you watch in mythological TV Serials, it is devoting yourself completely to something and building an unparalleled level of self discipline that helps you supersede all the shortcomings written into your life by ‘fate’.

A common belief shared by Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism is that the soul is well aware of the challenges before it in the material world before it manifests into a body.

Yet it does still.

Because those challenges are needed for its growth.

This is where the most important purpose of all forms of spiritual, philosophical, metaphysical and seemingly ‘pseudo-scientific’ guidance and divination lies; In helping the individual make sense of their life path and expand their understanding of themselves beyond just the physical realm.

You must understand first and foremost, that your soul chose willingly, every aspect of your life the way it is, on this material plane. To succeed on this plane, you must be willing to perform ‘karma‘ and align yourself with your highest ‘dharma‘.

Once you build the necessary self awareness to see your life the way it is: as a necessary journey for your ultimate growth; the game changes and you become the master of your destiny.

Our mission at Coach Kaushal is to help you become the highest version of your self. Each of our guidance offerings, self help products and self improvement programs is designed with the aim of propelling you towards the attainment of your highest potential.


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