The I Enterprise: A guide to fulfilling your life’s purpose.

I Enterprise is based on Coach Kaushal’s Personal Coaching Program that has delivered results for hundreds of clients around the globe.

It doesn’t matter where you are in life right now, this book takes you step by step, building a basic understanding about the core concept of ‘Personal Power’ and ‘Self Realization’ with DIY Journaling Exercises at the end of each module.

Central Theme

The Central Theme of the book is to change your perspective about yourself and your life and view yourself as an ‘Enterprise’ that uses the input of a perishable commodity ‘time’ to produce services for humanity.

Building upon this central theme, the book explores complex psychological, behavioral and philosophical topics that govern our day to day life, from a very practical ‘business like’ approach.

The idea is to view and run your life in the same way as would the CEO of a top enterprise.

The book reconciles seemingly irreconcilable ‘ideologies’ of Individualism and Collectivism by proving with fact that Individualism is actually the building foundation of collective societal development

Where this book is different

I-Enterprise is a rare piece of art that seeks seamlessly to combine important fundamentals across diverse fields of study and distill them into a clear method of delivery. Spirituality, Finance, Business, Science, Philosophy, Religion, Biology, Psychology and Divination are all combined into a rare comprehensible and exciting course that will change your immediate version of reality, permanently.

With more and more organizations acknowledging the value of a holistic view of life and popular spiritual teachers increasingly affirming the importance of material fulfillment an important part of self actualization, now is the time to change the narrative about what ‘success’ and ‘self improvement’ mean.

This book has been structured on Jay Kaushal’s Personal Coaching program.

This book is currently sold out. Check back again for updates on the ebook edition.

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