Rahu mahadasha secrets part 3/101

Hari Om Namo Narayana!

If you’ve read the previous part of this series, it talks about how ‘Rahu‘ is an energy of growth who forces you to expand your mind and your understanding, your knowledge. ‘Rahu‘ is here to force you to ‘think’ yourself out of the puzzle that he has put you in, so that your soul can learn and grow from this experience.

Everyone has ‘Rahu‘ placed somewhere in their chart and it is obvious that we are all here to grow in some way.

Even if some people don’t believe in spirituality at all, it is part of their journey of growth.

This is why I quite often say in my posts that please don’t judge people on the basis of their habits and likes, dislikes. I know many don’t want to hear it, but the thing is, even gangsters and criminals are doing what their soul chose to do and grow from in this lifetime.

Yes, causing pain and hurting others is bad ‘karma‘ but choose not to dwell on what others are doing and focus more on your journey and your path.

Then again, many people won’t do that and like to criticize and nitpick others’ faults because, well, it is their journey to do so! haha

Even so, we all have free will that we can apply in the right direction. I feel my role as an Astrologer Life Coach is to guide you take as much power as possible, in your own hands while simultaneously learning to surrender to the divine will. It’s a fine balance to strike but the sooner you learn it, the better off you will be.

So what’s the 3rd secret that I have about ‘Rahu ji‘ for you guys?

The 3rd secret is that ‘Rahu‘ does very well in his own ‘nakshatra‘ even if that ‘nakshatra‘ is not placed in a good ‘taara‘ and even if the house placement is bad.

I know, sounds unbelievable right?

Hear me out though, there’s a second part to this.

Does well means it’s easier to navigate the energy. The final destination is well, as I said, subjective.

Look, not everyone is going to live a 100 years and live disease and debt free at that.

It’s a fact. Just accept it.

However, when you are in better alignment with the energy you at least know how to swim with the current. You don’t struggle as much.

Now, whether you are swimming in the ocean, sea, river, lake or swimming pool is going to be the difference in how much energy you have left to actually complete the journey.

But swim you will!

Unlike most other placements where you are caught in a whirlpool and unable to move in any specific direction.

The thing is, when ‘Rahu‘ is placed in his own ‘nakshatra‘, you have his energy in action in the purest form.

This is a lot better when we think about how to do the necessary remedies in terms of the ‘mantras‘ and ‘japa‘, meditation etc to perform.

Because when ‘Rahu‘ even well placed is in the ‘nakshatra‘ of another planet then it becomes a little tricky to find the solutions at an esoteric and ‘tantric‘ level.


Because the planet ruling that ‘nakshatra‘ also comes in to play and mostly that planet also is rarely placed in his own ‘nakshatra’ and then it kind of becomes like ‘kick a can down the road’.

Yes, you may undergo a lot of losses that you will seek ‘closure’ from. Grief is different. Loss of a close friend, partner or interest, career, can be very painful and it takes time to recover from that. Sometimes you may never recover and need therapy etc for a life time.

However, where you should be headed and what you should be doing is pretty clear for you and there’s no confusion as regards that.

When ‘Rahu‘ is placed in his own ‘nakshatra‘ however, yes, the results can often be frightening. However, the direction and focus becomes so strong that you will probably be hard at work rather than searching for answers on the internet or anywhere.

Rahu‘ creates the least amount of confusion when he is placed in his own ‘nakshatra‘.

In fact, mostly, if you have ‘Rahu‘ placed in his own ‘nakshatra‘ in your chart and you are undergoing ‘Rahu mahadasha‘, all you have to do is start ‘Shakti‘ worship and wear a ‘Gomed‘ if possible.

It will give you immediate results.

Now, of course please bear in mind that the exact gemstone may vary from person to person and this post is informational in nature not formal advice.

Before you start doing remedies on your own, it would help to talk about your chart and understand a few more things related to the energies of this placement in the session before you proceed to the solutions.

If you’re already a ‘Jyotishi‘, then apply this to any chart you see and you will actually notice the impact.

People with ‘Rahu‘ in the ‘nakshatra‘ of ‘Swati‘, ‘Ardra‘ and ‘Satabhishaka‘, have more of a problem of dealing with ‘loss’ in their ‘mahadasha’ periods rather than confusion.

They know pretty well what they need to do and how to proceed, it’s just making sense of the change in their life that is troubling them and quite often this can be reflected poorly on their mental health.

Hope this helps.

Hari Om Namo Narayana!

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