Looking for a meaningful career?

True happiness comes from engaging in meaningful work

If you have always wanted a career that is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives, Coach Kaushal would love to have you on board.

Coach Kaushal family is a very tightly knit team of motivated and committed individuals who challenge and support each other in the pursuit of our brand’s highest aspiration: “Helping people unlock their greatest potential”

As part of the Coach Kaushal team, you will get a chance to interact with highly distinguished individuals from around the globe. There is plenty of work flexibility, creative freedom as well as exciting opportunities to travel and explore the world.

We are fiercely devoted to quality and it is critical to our growth as a brand. Therefore the selection process is no cakewalk. Once your profile is shortlisted, there will be multiple rounds of interviews and tests to ensure that our visions align firmly and that we are a good fit for each other.

We are currently inviting applications for the following positions:

Content Writer (Wellness)

  • Candidates must have a background in Wellness, Nutrition, Yoga or Ayurveda.
  • Good creative writing skills and research skills are a must.
  • Should have prior experience with creative writing/technical writing/blogging.
  • Should have good command on English grammar.

Content Writer (Business)

  • Candidates must have a background in Business, Commerce or Economics.
  • Good writing and research skills are critical to this profile.
  • Should have good knowledge of current events and understanding of current business environment.
  • Prior experience with writing and/or blogging is a bonus.
  • Good command of English grammar is important.

Corporate Sales Executive (Minimum experience 1 year)

  • Candidates must have good command over English conversation and writing.
  • This is a customer facing profile therefore you should have good presentations skills.
  • Hunger to chase targets and secure seminar bookings for Jay Kaushal.
  • Comfort and willingness with traveling 4-5 days per week.
  • Candidates must be residing in Delhi NCR or be willing to relocate.

Social Media Executive

  • Candidates must be up to date with latest social media trends, news and updates.
  • Knowledge and ability to troubleshoot social media issues especially for Instagram and Youtube.
  • Creative ability to generate regular and good quality content that promotes the Coach Kaushal brand and engages current clients.
  • Knowledge and ability for running social media promotional campaigns effectively.
  • Candidates must have prior experience with Social Media Marketing. A well curated social media account as a sample is a bonus.
  • Candidates must be residing in Delhi NCR or be willing to relocate.

Marketing Intern

  • Candidates must possess good English communication skills.
  • Ability to think, write, plan and structure is very important.
  • Comfort with creating engaging PPTs, videos, blog posts, tweets and short form video content such as reels.
  • Ambition and hunger for growth and learning to take up bigger responsibilities.
  • Willing to put in the hours to learn and perfect the tricks of trade.
  • Ability to accomplish goals, patiently study and research is critical to this profile.
  • Candidates must be residing in Delhi NCR or be willing to relocate.

Graphic Designer (Digital Media)

  • Experience and comfort with designing technologies such as Photoshop and Corel Draw.
  • Experience and comfort in working with web technologies and platforms such as WordPress, PHP and WooCommerce.
  • Candidates with practical work experience and knowledge of Html, CSS, JavaScript and/or Flash will be given preference.
  • Final selection will boil down to your design skills and ability to effectively conceptualize and create the right designs for the assignment in a time bound manner.

Please fill the form below. You shall be notified if your profile is shortlisted.

Please note:

Candidates must apply for only one position. If we think you could be a good fit for other positions, we shall give you the option to choose in the later stages. Applications of candidates applying to more than one position will be rejected. Please ensure that all information entered is accurate to the best of your knowledge or your profile may be rejected in the verification stage.

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