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Coachkaushal logo. Think Bigger. Do Better.

Founded in 2017, Coachkaushal is a registered MSME that seeks to distinguish itself as a brand centered on empowering individuals with the necessary know-how and coaching that enables them to realize their dreams.

We have considerable experience in working with professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs. Our business model is based on providing knowledge, guidance, intelligence and coaching that helps individuals express their authentic talents and realize their greatest ambitions.

Over the past 6 years we have helped clients across diverse life situations and challenges, endless verticals with diverse needs, across the globe.

Not only have we coached entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals, we have also helped students, models, actors, performers, sportspersons, organizational leaders, artists and creative visionaries from around the world by empowering them with the necessary knowledge and tools to achieve key personal goals and navigate critical life circumstances.

Our focus is on providing guidance using holistic tools and methodologies while also enabling individuals to empower their dreams and change the course of their life using coaching, knowledge and key ‘intelligence’ about their patterns, habits, strengths and weaknesses.

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