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Dhananjai Kaushal,

Success Coach

It all started when I was first exposed to the world of International Business as a Strategic Alliances Manager (North America Region) in the Software Services sector. With a B.Tech in Computer Science, and a Diploma in Digital Marketing, I figured out pretty soon that Entrepreneurship is where exponential growth and creative freedom lies. Early on, Sales is where I really understood the importance of ‘will’. Unlike most other jobs, surviving in sales is completely dependent on your self efforts. This is why most successful Entrepreneurs have had a background in sales. Every skill in my diverse skill set flows out from this basic element: ‘will‘. When I was in college a reknowned astrologer told my mother I’d never be a learned man. I’d be rich for sure he said but won’t study much. Today I have a B.tech in CSE, a PG Diploma in International Business, an MBA in Marketing and a PG certificate in Business Analytics. It was very tough and I encountered a lot of difficulties but I realised my dream of excelling in academics. If you don’t have the ‘will’ for it, you can never succeed at it. I seek to propel the same self belief and fighter spirit in as many people as I can. The body achieves what the mind believes! Contact me

The Journey

Early in my life, (1990-2006) I had never imagined that I would be as spiritual and holistic in my approach towards my career and life in general. Sure, I had access to all of the knowledge in the world especially since my father is a publisher/distributor and those were the years you didn’t have the internet. The only way to learn was to read and I read a lot! Chances are, if you can think of a literary classic, I’ve probably read it. I would read just about anything and everything. My penchant for learning was a never ending, addictive infinite hunger. However looking back, I feel all of that knowledge was too intellectualized. Spirituality isn’t something to study or learn, it is felt and experienced.

Now, let’s fast forward a little bit; (2009-2016) It’s true you can build a very successful career as a programmer or a project manager among a million other things but no other discipline can grant you the exponential growth that sales can. Sales is the incubation ground for future Entrepreneurs because no matter how great your idea, if you can’t sell it to people, you can’t survive. If you can’t survive on doing what you love… there is no point living a life like that.

In sales, you directly influence a company’s revenue and etch out a reputation for being a ‘producer’. Being a sales pro is like being a hunter. If you don’t hunt, you don’t eat. It’s that simple. The only reason most people don’t think that way is because of the amount of will power sales demands on a continuous basis.

The reason i fell in love with this profession is that no amount of ‘formal education’ can guarantee you success in sales. Sales is about constantly looking at the future and wiping the slate clean at the end of each sales cycle. The way I see it, it’s a perfect profession as it provides everyone a level playing field.

The number one thing to help you succeed in life and sales, is ‘attitude’. If you don’t have that, the market will eat you up and throw you out sooner than you can say ‘Mississippi’!

So, back in my schooling years, I was always appreciated for my command over the written word. I was a great writer because I was a great reader and I learnt to read at 4! By the time most kids my age were reading comics, I was already reading classics.

But I was never satisfied being ‘just‘ a writer. So I honed my public speaking skills and would practice replicating iconic speeches word for word. I memorized ‘Tryst with Destiny’ by Pandit Nehru, then I memorized ‘I have a dream’ by Martin Luther King. Then I moved on to prose and poetry and perfected that as well.

I was never satisfied being just one thing and I still believe you need to constantly reinvent yourself to grow & avoid being ‘stereotyped’. So I began to work hard in sports, something my teachers though I could never do because everyone perceived me as a ‘nerd’. The zenith of my sporting ability was when I clocked 11.8 seconds in a 100 m sprint, on a wet track, without proper shoes!

I excelled in dramatics, painting, sketching, handicraft, history, literature, debates, recitation, extempore, science and quiz competitions, but mathematics was my Achilles heel. Also, at about 16 years of age, I began to ‘break down’ mentally emotionally and physically due to the sheer toll my life had been subject to over the previous 12 years. Many many hours of practice, devotion and sacrifice would go into exploring and excelling in so many different fronts.

Then in the year 2006, I just lost interest in everything altogether and went into depression. Just like that. One day it just happened out of the blue. I hated everything about my life and I wanted out. I just wanted out but had no way to get out. I was ‘caught in the system’. There was no way out and no one acknowledged my mental health needs as a 16 year old. I have personally gone through all of the The 9 stages of self disempowerment detailed on the home page.

It felt like I had no one to turn to, no one understood me and no one could acknowledge what i was going through.

Severe.. ‘can’t get out of bed’ depression…
(2007-2009) Shortly after that life began to spiral downwards. I flunked in school, stopped attending classes, stopped being the happy person I was and began to search what ‘really mattered’ to me. What really made me.. me.. all the while, throwing growth opportunities away and pushing people away who could help me. Where I got lucky was that I came out a better person and without any external help.

However, straying from the well worn path meant I no longer had the support I needed. I was on my own. I was sure running for the things that everyone else was running for was sure as hell not going to lead me to where I knew in my mind I needed to be.

That’s when I began to develop my spiritual practice. My first Guru was my grandfather who was a multi talented scholar himself. He was as great at Mathematics as he was at Sanskrit among many other things. He could speak and write Persian, Urdu and Punjabi just as well!
(2000-2006) Starting from age 10 to age 16, every evening from 4-6 PM, I would learn elementary Sanskrit and Mathematics from him. Thanks to him, I read his translations of most upanishads by the age of 14! So, you can say I always had that foundation which helped me transform. I studied the Saankhya Shastra, Patanajali’s yoga sutras and the Ishavasya Upanishad. By the time I was 16, I had exposure to ‘multi dimensional’ spirituality. A lot of credit for that goes to my mother who instilled in me the habit of ‘speed reading’.

(This was 2009) The turning point of my life was a solo trip to the Himalayas at the age of 19. The time I spent meditating alone in the mountains in the middle of the identity crisis I found myself in, took me to a different plane of consciousness. Looking back, I had experiences on that journey that I still can’t believe were real. The highlight was meditating alone on Chandrashila peak at sunrise.

For a 19 year old, it was no less than a moment of revelation.

When I got up and began my descent, it seemed like I could see life clearly. Since then, I have gone back to Tungnath twice but Chandrashila only once. Most recently it was this time when we shot the highest ever recorded motivational speech in India. It is also the only recorded motivational video at the highest Shiva temple in the world.

A lot of people these days use ‘spirituality’ as an excuse to run from their life’s failures and rejections. They hide behind the garb of a ‘spiritual path’ and make no effort to work on themselves, to work on their life and it’s painful to watch.
(This was in 2017) I’ve been desperate in life. I’ve been frustrated and confused, depressed and directionless. However, never once through all of the chaos in my life did I think of giving up on my dreams. NEVER ONCE.

I’ve stuck to my ideology through thick and thin and I’ve taken every failure that life threw at me and proved to myself through that it’s possible to live life on your own terms!

Through all this, my spiritual strength has been my biggest strength. My habits of fasting, meditation, charity, empathy, forgiveness, chanting, healing and self belief have always kept me deeply grounded in times of trouble.

You don’t have to give up your life to follow your ‘spiritual path’. Your spiritual path should give you the strength to follow your ‘life path’ with vigor and conviction.

Sometimes what people need is to heal but healing is an automatic process of life. Just like eating, drinking and breathing. Healing takes place on its own even if you do nothing to consciously ‘ heal’ yourself. As you move forward towards your life goal, pushing through the troubles and trials, you heal automatically. It just happens one day; You wake up and you’re completely healed.

What people need to learn are the methods through which they can heal themselves every day. They need to make healing an integral part of their life that happens everyday. You shouldn’t have to take out a month or two months in a year to go heal some place, away from the world. You need to find a more permanent solution that helps you heal yourself inside out.. every day!

(2019) I founded Ratna Tantra, a brand dedicated to ‘self healing’.

Ratna Tantra Logo

Ratna literally translates to ‘Gem‘. This isn’t necessarily your ‘gemstone’ or ‘crystal’ although we do work with crystals a lot. In Sanskrit, ‘Ratna’ means something which is the best, rare, unique.

Tantra too literally translates to mystical text. This isn’t necessarily a mystical ‘text’ as much as it can be a mystical ‘tool’. Tantra, practically refers to the most potent tool of functioning.

‘Ratna Tantra’ therefore refers to the most potent tool which is ‘self healing’.

I believe everyone should have the knowledge of healing themselves spiritually, emotionally and mentally without having to escape from the world to do so!

Spirituality isn’t a choice between living your life and progressing spiritually. Spirituality is about enhancing your ability to live your life to its fullest potential while remaining and functioning within the elements of your day to day life. While enjoying all the elements of your life but following your ‘dharma’ or your duty firmly.
(2018- Present) And that is how, Coach Kaushal came into being.

After the immense success I had with Personal Coaching, I decided it’s finally time to push all segments out on a wider scale in batch-model other than our most successful one-on-one coaching model.

This is where I think it is my biggest duty to perform. I can see around me, so many people with so much talent and potential, just going through life’s motions. Far too many people are simply wasting opportunities and talent, that other people would die for.

If only more people could have access to my coaching methods, I believe step by step, we could make a difference to the entire world! 🙂

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