Decoding Rahu: The Mystical Planet

As a Vedic astrology practitioner and researcher you will see many astrologers get their predictions wrong just because they failed to take into account the effect a Nodal transit would have on the native’s life or how Rahu/ Ketu placed in a particular house or axis would behave.

In all of the answers that I have written on Quora and all of the ‘Vedic‘ astrological consultations that I have given over the years, ‘Rahu’ is the most enigmatic subject.

Jay Kaushal

Many astrologers get the entire focus area of the native’s life wrong because they failed to understand the deeper connotations of the Rahu placement in the native’s chart. Rahu is not a problem to be ‘overcome’, ‘controlled’ or get rid of.

Rahu is the energy of the manifestation of your desires in this lifetime. It is the energy of creation and fulfillment of the soul’s need to grow and become the best version of itself that can ultimately release maaya and integrate back with the source energy that is the Parmatman. This book combines various elements from different schools of thought to better comprehend the energy of this shadow planet and what it stands for.

This will book will help you immensely in decoding the energy of ‘Rahu‘ in your chart and understanding how to deal with this energy and channelize it constructively for progress.

Writer’s note:

When I wrote this first edition of this book, I did not know how it would be received and so decided to write it under a pen name, ‘Dhananjay Kalki’. Interestingly, as is the energy of ‘Rahu’, this book was a superhit on the Amazon store, being in the top 20 books in the category of occult and paranormal for 8 weeks.

And once again, as is the nature of ‘Rahu’, Amazon unexpectedly banned my book without giving me any reason for their action. I decided not to republish it on an online store and wait a while, only to find pirated copies of the book being sold online! haha

I’m laughing because I had never imagined me to be catapulted into the role of a taboo breaking writer so fast. Anyways, long story short, I’m coming out with a paperback of this book and it will be available on all major stores online as well as my website. I’m almost done finalizing the final draft of this book and with editing and proof reading, the paperback should be out by March.

I will also upload the old edition on the stores soon in a format that I hope doesn’t get it banned this time!

Love, Jay”

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