Holistic Life Coaching to align you with your highest goals and aspirations

The purpose of life is growth. Growth occurs via performing your Karma.

No matter which school of thought or spiritual belief system; read anything by any person of value and you find they all say the same.

Every philosophy on this planet is aligned around growth.

According to the ‘Sankhya Shastra’, the purpose of your existence is the growth of your soul. The soul achieves this growth by being reincarnated and going through life experiences that help it to raise consciousness.

Mahayana Buddhism says the same thing. So do a lot of different cultures in different ways forever arriving at the same conclusion.

That you must continuously embrace the path of growth rather than the path of complacency and surrender.

In the Bhagwad Gita Krishna says to Arjuna:

niyataṁ kuru karma tvaṁ karma jyāyo hyakarmaṇaḥ
śharīra-yātrāpi cha te na prasiddhyed akarmaṇaḥ

Action is superior to inaction because in in-action ultimately even the basic sustenance of your body would become impossible.

Gita 3:8

The purpose of life is to become a better version of yourself so that you finally realize the futility of being caught up in existence.

Of course, this process isn’t very easy and having someone to aid this growth helps. This is where a Life Coach comes in.

And this is what Vedic Life Coaching is all about. Of course, there are many potent instruments and tools of self enquiry. This program is pretty wide in the scope of incorporating them into the process of helping you become a stronger, faster, wiser and above all, a more ‘conscious‘ version of yourself in alignment with highest aspirations.

The basic principle of ‘Vedic’ philosophy is based on the three pronged strategy of ‘Tapa‘(self discipline), ‘Dhyana‘(mediation) and ‘Sadhna‘(devotion). Nothing is unachievable in this world if you employ this 3 pronged strategy to the achievement of life objectives.

Our Life Coaching Program further incorporates but is not limited to tools like Graphology, Numerology, Tantra, Bhakti Yoga, Gyana Yoga, Dhyana Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mantra Sadhna, Writing therapy, Art therapy, Fitness, Psychology, Management, Zen, Kinesics and a lot of NLP based coaching as well, which is currently at the forefront of Life Coaching on the international scene.

Life Coaching Packages are custom designed to your needs and are active on a monthly basis. This helps us give you dedicated time and attention and follow a well structured plan to achieve measurable goals in the given time frame.

As of 2023, this is a select offering with a limited intake owing to the fact that Jay Kaushal (assisted by his support staff), works very closely with each client for a dedicated time commitment of 22 hours per month.

Program Outline:

  • 3 sessions of 60 minutes duration per week.
    • Sessions will cover one-on-one interaction, exercises and modules based on Self improvement, problem analysis, self analysis and self discovery.
    • The main idea of the one-on-one sessions is to provide support to the client in the form of vital information and knowledge related to solution and achievement of their life challenges, goals and objectives.
    • These modules are based on a wide range of subjects and also adaptations and synopses of some of the best material from some of the best thought leaders in the field of self improvement including current bestsellers.
  • 5 meditation sessions of 30 minutes duration per week.
    • These sessions are a part of the ‘Tantric‘ meditation program and are structured to help strengthen the mind, body and soul from the ‘inside out’.
    • Some of these sessions will be discussion based and involve studying and practicing ‘yoga‘, ‘pranayama‘ and conscious ‘play’, which is a very important part of opening the mind, un-learning patterns that no longer serve and interactively integrating new habits as part of a healthier more conscious path towards personal fulfillment and self realization.
    • A lot of the meditation techniques are rooted in Zen and Tao doctrines of Mahayana Buddhism while ‘Dhyana‘ and ‘Yoga‘ form essential foundations for expanding the mind and the consciousness.

The Tantric‘ meditation program is compulsorily included with this package as it is an integral part of our methodology of holistic personal coaching.

  • Fee: Customizable to your budget. (Register using form below.)
    • A weekly option for payment is also available.
  • Like the ‘Tantric‘ meditation program, clients may renew the monthly package on a rolling basis until the objectives set are achieved followed by a ‘cooling off’ period where you basically enjoy what you have created and return again and rejoin the program when you desire transformation in pursuit of a specific goal.

To register please fill out the form below:

  • Kindly complete the payment after registration to ensure that your application is considered. You shall be sent a payment link for the same once your request is accepted.
  • There are only limited seats available each month. Seats are allotted on first come first serve basis.
  • In case seats are full you shall be intimated about the same. Following that, you may choose to wait for the next available slot or get a full refund for your fee.


” I reached out to Jay seeking help to transition through a difficult phase in my life. Every session was eye opening and healing. The homework he assigned after each session were relevant and pushed me forward, to get me to the place I needed to be and feel positive. Jay challenged my thinking, my attitudes, values and beliefs and he saw in me the potential that I needed to see in myself. Jay loves coaching and it shows.”Parina C. (Doctor)

“I am very happy to write a reference for Jay. He has been my Personal Development Coach since 2019. Initially he started helping me deal with a difficult personal situation but soon he started guiding me and inspiring me to achieve goals which I thought were distant dreams, like becoming a certified private pilot while running a busy medicine practice to name a few. I have achieved many exciting and challenging personal growth objectives, and am spiritually, emotionally and physically stronger now, thanks to him.” – Shashank (Doctor)

“I am a borderline skeptic and I discovered Jay rather serendipitously at a time when I had almost given up. He is a very well researched coach with a life experience to match. He has guided me with utmost sincerity and the best part was I never felt rushed into solutions. Jay used his solid grasp on astrological studies and keen understanding of human psychology to help me in the most optimal way. It’s like getting two professionals for the price of one. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to bring lasting positive change in their lives.” -Shweta (Full time single mother)

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