The purpose of books is to enable the mind to think by supplying it with fresh ideas and perspectives.

What’s the common trait in some of the most successful people in the world?

They read. A lot.

A good book, more than anything else, challenges your mind to think.

Reading isn’t always about ‘learning’ but quite often for adults, it is about providing the necessary nutrition to your mind to help it expand.

And so, learning may be the immediate ROI you’re looking for when you pick up a book to read.

However, the long term gains you’re looking for run far deeper than that.

Above all, a good book opens up the mind like a good workout opens up the body.

While some books are for the soul, others are fore the mind and then there are books that require you to immerse your mind, body and soul within them and completing such books feels almost like you stepped into a time machine and stepped out as a different version of yourself.

Coach Kaushal has published the following titles as of January 2023:

The I Enterprise

Soul Whispers

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Decoding Rahu: The Mystical Planet

Some of them are currently out of stock, some pending print of a new edition. Check back on this space at the end of every month to for new updates.