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Hari Om! Dear friend.

This is Jay Kaushal,

Writer, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach.

It’s wonderful that you’ve reached this far.

Come let’s sit down and talk about you.

Basic features:

This session combines multiple features of healing, coaching and guidance.

The outcomes that we are aiming for, shall be ascertained before the session and the session shall be constructed in a way that helps you come as close to the achievement of those objectives as possible by the end of the session.

This session can be taken in-office as well as online on video call.

You can have a purely ‘astrological’ reason for taking this session or require coaching for a specific issue or spiritual guidance for a life situation.

You decide what we need to work on together and I employ a wide range of approaches and methodologies in my arsenal to help you arrive there.

Session features include but are not limited to:

Vedic’ astrological chart analysis, Guidance using ‘Mantra’, ‘Saadhna’, ‘Yoga’ and ‘Pranayama’ techniques as relevant, and help to construct a practice for the same.

Fundamentals of Zen Buddhism, NLP, globally accepted Life Coaching techniques, Principles of Management, Journaling and Meditation applied to help you break free from any situations or patterns that you may be ‘stuck’ in.

Personal coaching for soft skills ranging from but not limited to: better confidence, positive body language, presentation and communication skills, guidance on job growth, career, studies, financial abundance and business.

Law of Attraction techniques, Energy circles, gemstone, ‘Rudraksha’ and crystal remedies, ‘Yantra’ and ‘Vaastu’ remedies etc. as required.

Guidance based on ‘Upanishadic’, ‘Vedic’, ‘Puranic’, ‘Tantric’ knowledge as also knowledge from the works and publications of top coaches and writers in the field of Self help and personal growth.

Application of Graphology, Numerology and ‘Kinesics’ to understand you better and help you recognize patterns of behavior reflected in your personality and improve them.

To book this session, please provide your details below and you shall be allotted an appointment within 24 hours.

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Please note that the session allotment is only provisional in nature and to confirm it, you shall have to deposit the fee once you are intimated about your session slot.

I have kept the fee for my sessions as affordable as possible so that I can help as many people as need assistance. So please take your role seriously as well and show up on time. There shall be no reimbursements for ‘no show’ as the session slot allotted to you cannot be given to anyone else.

Even so, in case of emergency you can reschedule your session once. However, you need to intimate us about the same in advance.

Love, Jay

Feel free to email for additional details.

Please note all discount offers are valid for limited duration only and applicable only to online mode.