Jay Kaushal

Jay Kaushal

Writer, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach

Founder, Coach Kaushal

Jay Kaushal has been a full time Life Coach since 2017 and has been working closely with Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Models and Leaders from around the world as their Personal Coach.

After an intensive schooling at St. Mark’s in Delhi, where he developed extensive skills in writing, elocution, debating and art, Jay did his graduation in Computer Science.

Science was actually never my strong point but I knew I had to get my technical chops right to build the kind of life I had envisioned for myself. If you do what is easy, life will be hard. Do what is hard and life will be easy.

Upon graduation, Jay chose to learn the world of Business inside out and deliberately chose Business Development as his field in a great tech services startup based in Delhi. From a trainee to Business Development Head, Jay worked in the CEO’s office and learnt everything he could about International Sales and Management in the next 3 years.

“When I finally decided to leave the company in 2016, the CEO was surprised and a little disappointed. I don’t blame him. Those were probably the best years of my life and working under Amit was a privilege. I was very happy working there but I had gotten comfortable. On the last day I remember I said an emotional goodbye to everyone in the office and the building from the doorman to the janitor and the office staff. It felt like I had finished an era of my life and was retiring! I joined that company as a trainee on a 3 month internship and never expected to remain working there so long and grow as much and as fast as I did. But here’s what I told my boss on the last day: Ships are safe in harbor sir but that’s not where they are meant to be. He probably didn’t like the content of that statement back then but today he’s a treasured mentor and I feel good about the relationship we were able to cultivate.”

Over the next 3 years after leaving Aquevix, Jay studied a plethora of subjects and embarked on a journey of Entrepreneurship. From precious gemstone retail to seminars, jewelry design, corporate training and freelance content writing to book publishing, educational sales and digital marketing, Jay focused on hands-on learning to build a diverse skillset across key verticals from products to services.

“My focus was simple. I was very happy and very comfortable at what I did for a living but I felt dead. I felt no passion to keep doing it for the rest of my life and therefore I needed to find what truly resonated with me and then make it a viable profitable scalable business.”

Five years into his journey, Jay is now a seasoned Consulting professional with a wide array of experience and knowledge. In addition to completing two Post Graduate degrees in International Business and Marketing, he has also studied Business Analytics at IIT Bombay.

“In time, I realized I’m great at Coaching. So on the business level I used the acquired knowledge of Analytics and Business Research to help Entrepreneurs and Leaders as a Consultant. As a Personal Coach, all knowledge comes in handy. From NLP to Personal Finance. Every client has a different need and you need to study their skill set in some detail to help them in their transformation. What works for a model may not work at all for a partner at a law firm. You need to study them deeply and study their subject and field deeply and sign an NDA to make them feel comfortable about all the personal details you are going to come across. Which is necessary because human beings are extremely complex individuals. They are a lot-like an enterprise within themselves actually.

Jay founded Coach Kaushal as a consulting and services company aimed at empowering entrepreneurs. He is the chief strategist & CEO of Coach Kaushal. On the personal front he continues to follow his passion as a life coach, writer and motivational speaker.

In the last 4 years, Jay has coached for 1000+ hours and helped hundreds of people from around the world reach personal goals and improve their relationships with themselves, their support groups, success, money and life in general.

“Change happens in steps and it begins with taking the first step right away. By listening with intent and purpose, with sufficient knowledge and imagination, you can understand the first thing a person needs to change almost right away. However, to actually help someone transform their life you need to be patient, supportive, intuitive and honest. You need to research their life, understand their habits, understand their choices and deeply study their potential. While therapy focuses on the past, ‘Coaching’ is a methodology focused on the future. It’s like, you have a multidimensional view about the client’s life in front of you but transformation can only occur in the future. The past is important no doubt but if you’re not where you exactly want to be in the Now, you need to change few things so you arrive in the Future. You then build a simple preliminary plan with a simple goal to address the single biggest thing that needs to change right away such as weight loss. All change after that is a series of setting and achieving goals with the client until they can feel more and more in charge of the direction of their life and confident enough to set bigger goals with the knowledge that they will have help when they need it but anything they truly want in life is attainable.”

If you have some personal goals and dreams you really want to fulfill but are unsure of pursuing, rest assured you that it’s possible. In this pursuit of yours, Jay can help bring about a positive transformation in your life in alignment with your highest hopes and wishes.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with taking the first step.

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