Selling is not merely a profession, it is a life skill.

Have you heard the famous quote ” A Sale Is Always Made? “.

There’s a logic behind this statement. Either you as a sales rep will successfully be able to sell the idea of how the product or service will solve the client’s problem or the client will sell you the idea why it won’t be so.

Either way, a sale is always made.

In life, everyone is selling their needs and terms to the other person. A successful person is one who has mastered the art of negotiation.

The better negotiator wins consistently.. at everything!

I have close to 16 years of experience in sales and I’m 29!

My first sale was at the age of 13. I sold a coloring book to a woman at my father’s book store. I distinctly remember that the marked price of the book was INR 40, the selling price should have been INR 35 and I ended up selling it for INR 30 only to be scolded by my father for negotiating poorly.

You gave the customer 25% discount! What were you thinking?

To me, it was only a matter of INR 5 which was minuscule. However my Dad, an expert salesman himself pointed out that the difference was a shocking 14% This was unacceptable.

That is when I began to look at everything differently.

Every single thing that you buy or you sell. Every single term that you agree upon or that you sign, you are negotiating with the other party for a definite advantage.

Today, I’ve closed many international deals worth lakhs on the phone without once physically meeting the client or even having had a skype conversation. I don’t even know what some of my biggest clients look like!

The thing is, you don’t need to know that information. The information you need to know for exceeding your sales quota on a consistent basis is something else entirely.

Sales is a very objective oriented discipline where words and how you use them, means everything!

The trick is to close the sale in a ‘Win Win’ situation.

The greatest salesmen don’t win by selling ‘Big’ at the cost of their client’s need. They win because their clients love them.

It’s a very subtle balance that you need to learn to maintain to never be at a loss yourself and build trust with your client so that you can retain them for a life time.

Pick anyone of the world’s most powerful people and you will see that all of them have mastered the idea of consistently closing deals in a ‘Win Win’ situation.

Brief case study:

  • Take India’s current PM Narendra Modi for example, who has become world famous for his negotiation and partnership building skills by reconciling irreconcilable rivals to yield mutually beneficial agreements. In a period of just more than 5 years, under his leadership, India has signed over 900 pacts with 60 countries! 
  • On the one hand, Saudi Arabia is keen on investing $100 billion in development projects in India while their staunch rivals Iran are solidifying their partnership with India for development of the Chabahar port and Indo-Iran gas pipeline!

Or take the example of revolutionary Indian freedom fighter Bhagat Singh who forced the British government, at the height of the freedom struggle at that, to provide jail inmates with newspapers, clean clothes, better food, pens and notebooks !

Another famous example is that of Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States. He was famous for asking favors of people because he believed people are psychologically wired to feel closer to individuals they do things for.

Steve Jobs, the inventor of the Mac, the iPhone, the iPod and iPad, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time.. famously sold his first batch of PCs at NEXT computers, even before he had actually built the first one!

Long story short, selling is a lot about being self motivated, organized and disciplined with your effort.

It doesn’t matter if someone feels they are naturally good at sales. That will get you by in the first few years. That’s about it. To succeed consistently, you need to build a system that will never fail you.

I’ve helped so many organizations and startups with this across so many different verticals that I can bet my life on my sales skills. I have groomed so many industry freshers to become expert closers that I take pride  in my sales training skills.

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