Motivational Sales coaching for agile teams

Attrition rate for sales roles is on an average 3 times that of any other role in the company.

It would be safe to say that most people don’t really choose sales as a career.

There are very few people who choose sales. The majority just fall into it and keep looking for a way out for the rest of their professional careers.

Then there are those ‘unicorn’ sales reps who are on a planet of their own and routinely close 2 to 3 times more than any other sales rep.

Most companies will complain that these ‘Unicorns’ don’t tend to stick around that long either.

You know the most common reason? One Unicorn can’t pull the weight of an incompetent team.

And and incompetent sales team won’t be able to support your company for long.

With a 6 week sales program you can expect your closing ratios to improve by at least 25%

Most companies are so fed up of the high attrition rate in sales, they never think about investing in training their sales teams.

The point is, most sales reps would gladly do more if they knew how to do more.

Sales is a very precise, ‘contact sport’ where numbers mean everything.

How many of these can you recall right away without referring to your data?

  1. Current lead sources for your business
  2. The conversion ratios for each of those sources.
  3. The average cost incurred per lead across sources?
  4. The conversion ratio of your best sales rep and the average for the team?
  5. How many leads will you be able to generate within the next 30 days?
  6. How many sales people will be leaving you in the next 3 months?
  7. How many sales reps are in line to replace your top rep if he leaves?

If you answered 3 or less, it’s most probably not even your fault.

You would know this data if it was being captured by your team and reported efficiently on a weekly basis at least.

One of the biggest reasons sales reps leave is a lack of motivation & burnout.

One of the biggest reasons that sales people burnout is a lack of adequate skill in dealing with volatile markets such as right now.

Sales is no longer about being a ‘natural’ sales person or being ‘confident’. Yes these are essential qualities but some of the most important qualities a ‘Unicorn‘ sales person needs to develop are completely different.

Some of the ways in which our sales training program trains your sales force are:

  1. Developing winning rituals.
  2. Stress management
  3. Proposal writing
  4. Script writing
  5. Better cold calling techniques
  6. Preparing better presentations
  7. Staying on top of their sales numbers
  8. Sales Enablement
  9. CRM harnessing

We’ve helped so many organizations and startups with this across so many different verticals that we can build you a program with a money back guarantee*.

Jay Kaushal, the Principal Trainer of this program has groomed countless industry freshers to become expert closers. He has also studied Sales and Marketing extensively and has a PG Diploma in Marketing, a PG in International Business, a certification in Business Analytics from IIT Bombay, Google and Hubspot certifications as well as two books to his name.

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