Is Mars in the 8th house bad?

Hari Om Namo Narayana!

Kuja‘ in ‘Randhra Bhava‘ i.e. Mars in the 8th house, is mostly considered bad by people.

In fact, in electional astrology, whenever you have to find a ‘muhuratam‘, whenever Mars is in the 8th house, that ‘muhuratam‘ is considered out of your control.

Avoiding any ‘muhuratam‘ with Mars in the 8th house and/or the nodes ‘Rahu-Ketu‘ in the ‘kendra‘ houses are pretty much the two golden rules of selecting a good ‘muhurat‘.

However, when it comes to the birth chart, you can’t always control things like that.

I know, a lot of people try to control the birth of their children through unnatural means sometimes such as a planned caesarian even when one isn’t required. I disapprove of such ideas and you are invited to disagree with me. Well, I have reasons based deeply and soundly in logic and historical examples. To that effect, I have written an article about this on Quora that you are encouraged to check out.

Now, as I was saying, in a birth chart, you hardly have control over where a planet is. Stop trying to fight your planetary placements already! Learn to channel them and harness their energy.

No placement no matter how bad it looks is all bad and vice versa.

Therefore, Mars in the 8th house does have some problematic aspects but in this post we will talk about mostly the aspects of this placement that people tend not to talk about.

For example, Mars in the 8th house is actually quite at home. Why is that?

Because the 8th house is the natural house of the sign of Scorpio and that is ruled by Mars. Mars in the 8th house is pretty much in his own home. Yes signs and dignity matters but first and foremost it’s the energy of the house and the planet that should match for consistency in alignment with the energies.

I have often talked about this before that Saturn even in Capricorn in the ascendant will never be without its trials and problems for the native.

Why is that?

Because Saturn in the first house is in its natural placement of debilitation no matter what the dignity of the planet.

Digbala‘ has a huge role to play in how the native is able to channel a planet’s energy towards the achievement of life goals and objectives.

Similarly, Sun even in Libra in the first house, will not be without its share of natural advantages to the native.

The king is sitting on his throne and it doesn’t matter if he’s forced to ‘get along’ with the court and ministers, he is still sitting on his throne and he is still seen as the king.

On the contrary, you look at people with Saturn in the first house and there are almost always controversies wrt their leadership style and decisions.

Similarly, Mars in the 8th house, no matter how problematic, is within his known place.

It’s like, Mars is exactly where he likes to be.

Which is where?

  • Which is.. diving into the unknown.
  • Facing sudden events and dealing with them.
  • Exploring secrets.
  • Exploring sex. (Mars is the planet of passion and sex drive)
  • Giving transformational energy. (Saturn keeps you stuck. Mars is a revolutionary)
  • Taking risks.
  • Controlling sexual energy (Mars is also the planet of celibacy.)
  • Channeling personal power. (8th house is the house of personal power)

So when Mars is in the 8th house, it can quite a few times show the individual has a very strong no-holds-barred, daring and direct relationship with sex and risk.

  • These people.. either engage in taboo breaking sexual behavior or choose to consciously abstain for sex completely.
  • They either take great risks impulsively or take such calculated risks that they don’t appear risks at all. Sometimes a good Mars in 8th house person can be the epitome of personal restraint.
  • They either tend towards the self destructive or..
  • tend towards extremely transformative and self aware behavior.
  • When it comes to partners, they may conceal many affairs or they may choose consciously to not have any partners and tap into that sexual energy for higher purposes such as ‘kundalini kriya’ and ‘dhyana’.

Now, Mars in 8th house people can also, if not properly channeling this energy, be like a horse running amok.

It all depends on the level of spiritual development and physical consciousness of the native.

The anger and sexual drive needs an outlet and if the native isn’t taught from a young age how to channel or grows up in an uncertain environment with too few role models, this can be the placement of a psychopath.

On the other hand, this can be the placement of an exceptional healer, surgeon, psychologist, entrepreneur, yogi, spy, scientist, the list is endless as far as 8th house related professions are concerned.

Why is that so?

It’s because even if the consciousness is not as developed, Mars is where the native gives most of their energy. Mars represents the physical body and blood circulation, muscles and movement. It also represents focus, courage, determination, self confidence and ambition.

So even if someone grows up in a highly materialistic household and has Mars in the 8th house, he may just grow up to be an exceptional surgeon if that is what they have been nudged towards in their life from a young age. This could be as a result of the impact of role models or a conscious nudging by parents, teachers and peers.

Why is Mars in the 8th house notorious for causing accidents then?

There’s an interesting type of personality called the ‘accident prone’ personality. Although these people may have many types of placements and it depends a lot on the ‘taara’ and the ‘nakshatra’ placements, quite often we see these people have Mars in 8th placements.

And the reason for this is simple.

What you put out in the universe you get back.

So if you’re putting out aggression and anger into the universe even if unknowingly in the form of passive aggressiveness or constant complaining and frustration, this energy will manifest in the physical world as imbalances in the area that Mars is placed in your chart.

This is why Mars is considered so well placed in the 10th house.

Why is that?

It’s because in the 10th house of the ‘outer world’ and the ‘arena’, no matter how much energy Mars exerts, good or bad, it’s simply too less compared to the vastness of the so called ‘container’.

Even an angry champion is a champion nevertheless and a fearsome one at that.

In the 8th house however, this energy can manifest in many ways.

From accidents and mysterious cuts and bruises to fights, arguments and violent outbursts, directed towards the native or outwards, you really can’t predict.

Why? Because it is the 8th house. That’s why!

This is the only downside in my opinion, towards Mars in the 8th house.

Otherwise, I have seen some very successful people with this placement. I’ll be updating some of the famous ones pretty soon.

For now, hope this helps!

Hari Om Namo Narayana!

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