Why does Sun do so well in the first house?

Hari Om Namo Narayana!

Generally all planets do so well in the first house because that’s where a planet gets the most prominence in the chart.

The 10th house is where a planet gets the most ‘attention’ and ‘recognition’ because this is the mid heaven. It’s where you see things most clearly so a planet here is most apparently expressed in the native’s life, choices and personality.

However, any planet in the first house is the most prominent planet in the native’s life because it’s the ascendant, the central point of the native’s life path.

Even if the planet here doesn’t have the highest strength, dignity or power, it still is ‘central’ to the native’s life because it is intrinsic to events and experiences that shape the native’s life journey.

Now, the Sun is exalted in Aries and the first house corresponds to the natural sign of Aries. Therefore, Sun placed here, irrespective of the sign, is in a naturally exalted position.

Exalted positions aren’t necessarily the best placements for a planet in the chart. See from the chart’s perspective, there are places which are good, there are places that are tricky and then there are places that are bad. Although no house is bad but still, you’d rather not want Rahu in the 8th as much as you’d not want Mars in the 2nd.

It’s not that these planets would do bad here, although they might; it’s just that their energies could be put to better use in other houses.

For example, Saturn although would be at home in the 10th or 11th house as they correspond to its naturally ruled signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, it isn’t where we’d want Saturn the most. Simply because Saturn would cause frustrating delays for the native in gaining recognition and status and potentially help in less ways than create problems especially early in life.

Saturn would be exalted in the 7th house as it corresponds to the natural house of the sign of Libra however here Saturn would again potentially cause problems to the native’s health, home, mother, partnerships and career once more since 7th is 10th from the 10th.

Saturn is applied a lot better in the 6th house however as it is here even its negative aspects come in handy. Saturn suppress all the malefic houses at once with all 3 of its aspects. Also, Saturn’s influence in 6th house imparts a high level of stoicism and patience to the native.

In the same way, Mars actually wouldn’t be preferred as much in its naturally ruled houses of Aries and Scorpio i.e the first and eighth house.

Why is that? Well, Mars creates conflicts no matter where you put him. Reason is Mars signifies where the bulk of your ‘energy’ is expended. In the 8th and 1st, this energy is likely to create more problems for the average person than in the 10th house.

In Mars’ case, as is Mars’ nature, the tenth house is perfect for him. Why? Because you have an endless space for him to expend his energy endlessly and with only positive results for the taking.

Similarly, Jupiter could do really well in the ninth house which it naturally rules. It could also do well in the 4th house which corresponds to the natural house of the sign of cancer where Jupiter is exalted. However, this is once again not the most ideal position for Jupiter as it aspects both malefic houses, the 8th and 12th and imparts potentially problematic lessons to the client.

Jupiter placed in the 12rh house however.. would be lot better as place in the 12th, Jupiter is in his own sign as well as in a position of ‘protection’ for the native. Jupiter expands the subconscious and opens it up to recieve guidance and messages from the angelic realm by being in the 12th. From here it aspects the 4th and 8th houses and actually blesses the native with good family life and conjugal happiness while also expanding bed pleasures by being in the 12th.

So you see when the Sun, similarly is placed in the first house and doing well, it is actually one of the few planets to be doing great placed in its exaltation and also favourable for tje ascendant.

The reasons are many. However the most important ones are:

  • The Sun naturally rules the East direction. It rises in the East after all! The 1st house corresponds to the direction of East and the Sun does well here therefore.
  • The Sun is the ‘sthir atmakaraka’, the universal significator of the soul for everyone. So being placed in the first house shows a deep connect of the individual with his ‘life purpose’. This makes achievement of life goals easier.
  • The Sun represents vitality and the first house is the house of the self. The Sun placed here infuses vitality in the body since its presence here has a strong impact on the native’s body.
  • The Sun represents guidance and clarity. Being placed in the first house is great from the perspective of achievement of goals in the native’s life path as the ascendant signifies the life path.

To put it in simpler terms. The Sun being the king, would probably have more recognition in the outer world i.e. the 10th house.

The Sun would probably also have more dominance in the 6th house of enemies and conflicts, easily slaying competition and taking on the mantle of being the ‘warrior king’ and leading form the front.

The 8th house would be good too since the Sun here gives the individual the confidence to go into what is scary and unkown.

In the 9th and the 3rd, in the house of its friends Jupitet and Mercury, Sun is once again well disposed to give the individual powers of expression and communication, courage, however it doesn’t have the same dominance as in the 1st. The Sun here in both these houses could do really well but in the 9th, it could potentially take on more of a spiritual role and less successful materialistically. In the 3rd the Sun doesn’t have sufficient ‘digbala’ as it is almost near ’emun coeli’ point.

In the 5th, the Sun has a tendency to cause delays in progeny as it being a hot planet, causes the number of children to be less. This often results in delays of progeny.

It’s in the 1st house however where the Sun is sitting on his ‘throne’. The Sun here doesn’t need to take on the costumes of the planets in whose house it sits. The Sun being in his own element doesn’t have any adverse effects either (like with the 5th house position).

The Sun in the first house simply has to be. That’s it. This is a sun who shines through every action and event in the native’s life, guiding the native through life’s trials and challenges, with a firm, confident, inner knowing that cannot be replicated by another planet in the chart.

Hope you liked this article.

Hari Om Namo Narayana!

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