Rahu mahadasha secrets part 2/101

In the previous part of this series, I talked about how ‘Rahu ji‘ is that mysterious entity charged with the all important task of pushing the soul to grow in a specific direction based on objectives set before manifesting in the physical plane.

I talked about how ‘Rahu‘ destroys the house that it sits in so that it can be rebuilt in a more stable and conscious way in alignment with the soul’s desire.

In this part, I’m going to reveal the secret a lot faster. Right away in fact!

Rahu‘ is here to teach you to think.

This is why ‘Rahu‘ represents Entrepreneurs.

No, not businessmen, Entrepreneurs.

Businessmen are represented by Saturn and Mercury and deal with businesses that have a set monetization and profitability model. Not in the case of Entrepreneurs though, who quite often deal with novel ideas. Quite often ideas that are disruptive and open up an entirely new business vertical.

See, ‘Entrepreneurs’ are the people who we often joke about as having the talent of figuring out “how to build a parachute on your way down from an airplane!”

They are the people who are the inventors of the modern world.

Look around you.

90% of the technical marvels you see exist as a result of ‘inventions’ by pioneering minds. From food and retail delivery apps to smartphones, social networking sites and ‘Internet Of Things’, everything that forms an intrinsic part of our daily lives is as a result of some innovative guy in some garage having the vision to look beyond his or her personal reality to ‘what can be’.

I talk to so many people in their ‘Rahu mahadasha‘, completely hopeless and inconsolable at how they’ve lost things that they spent a lifetime building. This could be a marriage, business, project or anything else like that which we view as stability and security.

Rahu mahadasha‘ comes along and destroys it and people are left aghast.

Too shaken to even think of what can be done now with what they have.

Here’s the thing about ‘Rahu‘.

He won’t move unless you move.

He comes in and destroys things once to clean the slate and push you in a particular direction. After that it is up to you to make progress by putting in effort.

If it were ‘Ketu‘, he would continuously take away things to force you into moving towards ‘Rahu‘.

Rahu‘ is pretty clear.

He is like an adventurous friend playing a joke on you on your Bachelor’s party. Making you believe you are being kidnapped while in fact you are being given the ‘thrill’ and adventure as part of the ‘experience’.

See, ‘Rahu‘ is here fulfilling the simple duty of giving the soul the ‘experience’ it wanted when it chose to manifest in a particular body in this material plane.

That’s it. That’s his job.

He will ensure he does that job ASAP.

This is why ‘Rahu‘ under ‘Rahu‘ is a massively transformative period for the native.

Quite often this is why people who have ‘Rahu‘ placed in the 10th house in the birth chart, get a promotion as soon as ‘Rahu mahadasha‘ starts. Also quite often, that’s the most professional success the native will enjoy in the entirety of the ‘Rahu mahadasha‘.

Why is that?

Well quite often you don’t really deserve that promotion. This is one of the good aspects of ‘Rahu mahadasha‘. He is here to give you what you came here to experience. Whether you deserve it or not he just doesn’t care.

This is unlike ‘Ketu‘ who will only give you what you deserve sometimes out of nowhere.

Rahu‘ won’t function like that and it would serve the native a lot to understand this.

Rahu‘ represents the ‘mind’.

Quite often you will see ‘Rahu‘ people and also number 4 life path people, who behave quite similarly to someone having ‘Rahu‘ in the ascendant as 4 is the number of ‘Rahu‘.

Quite often you will see these people finding ways with their thoughts and figuring out loopholes as if life was just one big chess game.

This is why many hackers, con men and politicians, brilliant Entrepreneurs, are represented by ‘Rahu‘. They have the ability to out think everyone else.

You know what they say: “Expert hits a target in the middle. Genius hits a target no one can see.”

That ladies and gentlemen is the 2nd secret of ‘Rahu mahadasha‘.

There is a way.

There is a solution.

If you’re not able to see it it’s because you need to learn to think!

Expand your mind. ‘Rahu‘ will help you immensely.

I have the outmost respect for all cultures, beliefs and schools of thought etc. But I see people doing utter useless things like ‘donating cigarettes’.. I’m not kidding! Supposedly ‘donating tobacco’ is considered one of the ‘remedies’ of ‘Rahu‘.

Oh c’mon!

Honestly, it comes as no surprise to me that people in ‘Rahu mahadasha‘ will come across people guiding them like that! Lol.

See that’s the thing. If you don’t do the thinking yourself, ‘Rahu‘ will force you to think for yourself by putting you through these difficult experiences where other people will out-think you and con you!

Hope this helps.

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Hari Om Namo Narayana!

Published by Jay Kaushal

Jay Kaushal is a Writer, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach with double PGs in International Business Operation & Marketing. He has cross disciplinary expertise in the fields of Business, Wellness, 'Tantra', 'Vedic' Astrology, Personal Transformation and Leadership.

3 thoughts on “Rahu mahadasha secrets part 2/101

  1. If Rahu is leading to unorthodox ways of actions, entrepreunership and innovation, why is it then said that while Ketu is the area of our mastery, Rahu is something we are inexperienced in and immature about? Is immaturity and inexperience the reason that Rahu is able to innovate, take risks etc? Something like a planet at 0 degrees is inexperienced, but powerful and fresh and ‘pure'(maybe uncorrupted by experienced way of looking at things and doing things). This is what I read about planets at 0 degrees. Would love to know your view on this.

    1. Yes that is the case to an extent. This is why with Rahu the soul doesn’t have as much ‘baggage’ to release. Therefore the individual will often take a novel approach in their attempt at arriving at the significations of Rahu. With Ketu there is past life expertise for sure. However that expertise often comes with predefined ‘security paradigms’ that the individual might find hard to break free from. I wouldn’t be able to objectively comment on the analysis wrt planetary degrees as they can change from ayanamsha to ayanamsha. I have my reservations about following a single standardized ayanamsha and so don’t rely much on analysis with respect to degrees.

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