Stop cribbing! You have everything you NEED.

If you’ve spent the better part part of your life so far thinking about all that you could have had and all that you should’ve got…

Then you probably haven’t been looking hard enough at all the things you never thought you’d have but do and all that you should have had but don’t.

Here’s how we commonly tend to look at things and the people around us:

We tend to ignore the ones that need work and are instinctively drawn to the ones that are ready, although different from what we need.

We don’t spend time working on the relationships that we should be working on only because we can’t make the necessary efforts. We don’t put in effort working for the little time we need to make, for all the things that require our attention.

Even when we are out picking veggies for dinner, we pick only the ripest of tomatoes and lemons and peas, forgetting that the ripe ones will only rot next while the unripe ones will last many a days more, ripening and softening in that time.

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Where we are really, we are perpetually standing on the shore waiting for the tide to come in, on an island that is ours… and ours alone….With all the minerals and all the wood, food and fresh water springs, fruit trees and beautiful caves, along with everything amazing imaginable.

Everything that you could ever need or hope for including an intelligent and friendly native population to give you company.

But all the time, all the while all we want is to get away from there. Why?
Because we lack the will to stay behind and work on making it a little piece of heaven.
We can if we try but we’re too blind to see what we have.

We’re always whining for all the things we don’t and can’t have.

As human beings, we have become so obsessed with the idea of pushing our boundaries that we have completely forgotten the bliss readily available to us within the reasonable boundaries of our existence.

It’s right there staring in you in the face and yet you never consider it important enough to deserve a second glance because you lack the will to perfect it.

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Our life is an island of abundance. Whether or not we choose to feel stranded on this island is our mentality. If you look closely, not matter how humble your origins, you’re surrounded by a sea of opportunities around you.

And yet, we are overwhelmed by the desire to leave it all behind and build a raft to swim off shore and explore what is better…. out there!

Focusing inwards is painstakingly slow process because primates have a natural temperament of socializing and exploration. However, no one can disagree that as the means have increased in the course of human evolution, the disconnect with the self has only heightened.

We are constantly looking for self worth in our external environment and constantly seeking attention in pursuit of excitement from external entities that promise a seemingly better experience than our current situation.

If only we took more time to work on our immediate surroundings and our internal development, we would be able to take a lot more advantage of the gifts we are born with and the resources we are blessed with.

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