How to change what you want to but can’t


What does it take to bring about one?

How potent can one of them be when they come about?

We’ve read a lot about what an extremely potent force change is. How even if things and people cease to change, it’s a change in itself.

We have felt time and again that there are things that we absolutely need to change about ourselves. There’s always something that we are inclined to alter or modify from the state we find it in and that’s change! We have been taught changing is difficult and changing is important and there are millionaire coaches out there who make a living out of helping people change.

Helping people change the way they think, the way they function, the way they approach life and handle emotions; all aspects of the word.

There have been revolutions and revolutionaries, martyrs and tyrants, there exists altruism ,selfishness & opportunism, all of it is out there. It’s been out there and will continue to exist because change is the single unchanging fact of life.

But there’s a very small, just a tiny little almost insignificant entity lurking behind that powerful word.


You understand this and you understand everything.
While change is like gravity and eventually pulls you to itself, intent my friend, is the force.

No matter how small… (how extremely negligibly and laughably small by the standards of ‘change’ in all its glory) the entire reason that this cycle exists is ‘intent’.

Even when God was creating the universe out of nothingness, he was changing something. He was changing nothingness to something.
Even when man does the opposite of that and more often than not that is what human actions gravitate to, there IS ‘change’ and on top of this entire cycle lays intent.

Intent brings about change. You want to change, you can and you will because with a burning desire to do so, comes 50% of the result you intend.

If there was a single drop that was to remain after filtering this entire ‘knowledge’ of change out of countless books, scriptures and speeches. If there was only a single drop of all that knowledge that would count greater than all of it, with all of it existing in a negligibly small microscopic entity, it would be this:

If you decide to change, If you intend to change with all of your mind and consciousness even if for as short a period of time as would enable one to be able to watch the rays of the sun descend unto earth in slow motion… you have won half the battle in that little instant.

Your inertia has been shaken and everything you think or do after that will tend towards the fulfillment of that single thing. A single state which inevitably must follow this cycle and complete it:


The crux of this entire article? No force in this universe can make you change and when you have that true intent inside to change, no force in this world can stop you from changing.

It’s you, YOU are the secret ingredient.

Nothing will change if you don’t have the intent to change it.

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