‘Ketu’ in 4th house of birth chart

Hari Om!

If you’ve been following this series then you would know by now that the south node of the Moon, ‘Ketu‘ is all about the aspect of unconscious programming that the soul is seeking to free itself from in this life time.

The South node of the Moon ‘Ketu‘ is related to the energies of ‘moksha‘, spirituality and ‘letting go’. ‘Ketu‘ is where the soul has accumulated considerable experience in this lifetime but is seeking to grow out of so that it can complete its cycle of development and move towards liberation.

Wherever ‘Ketu‘ is placed in your chart is where you instinctively have considerable expertise but are seeking to outgrow.

This area of your life is very important for your growth because this is probably what you’re going to use to build the foundation of this lifetime. However, this area of your life will not give you the fulfillment that your soul seeks in this lifetime.

That ‘fulfillment‘ is going to come from achieving the significations of the ‘Rahu‘ placement in your chart.

So now, before we study the impact of the South node ‘Ketu‘ in the fourth, let’s briefly touch upon the 4th house and its significations in the birth chart.

The 4th house in the birth chart is related to the following significations:

  • Home, mother, motherland.
  • Conveniences, comforts, conveyances, luxuries and amenities.
  • Sub conscious mind, private life, private affairs, domestic life.
  • Bank, safes, deposits, securities, land, property.
  • Water bodies, reservoirs, tanks, closets, baths, saunas.

The 4th house is the house of all the things that we wish to keep private and strive to protect.

This is a very introverted and self sufficient kind of house with an energy that is focused on stillness and nurturing.

Imagine what it is being like in your mother’s lap, a cozy quilt on a winter morning, beside the fireplace in a cabin at night, a hot tub.. you get the picture right?

The 4th house is the kind of house where you want the least possible energy fluctuation.

This is a house where the more things are ‘still’ and ‘calm’, the more positive it was for the overall energies of the chart and the individual’s life.

So when you put the South node of the Moon ‘Ketu‘ in this energy, you see that the individual has a natural knack for managing household affairs and sitting ‘cozy’.

These people are great at creating just the ‘right’ environment for optimum comfort and privacy. In fact, these people will try as much as possible to never have to leave their comfort zone. They will be the masters at managing everything from home and probably have a pretty robust domestic machinery where everything is expertly handled.

From enjoying a great movie experience in their 40 inch led TV with surround sound to comfy couches to read books on.. from a comfortable study room that helps them get away from the world and recede into a different dimension of creativity to a bedroom that provides all the comfort one can dream of for a great night of sleep.. the ‘home’ of these people are truly their sanctuary.

However.. and there is always a however when it comes to ‘Ketu‘.. however, these people need to learn to grow out of this ‘safety oriented’ and ‘comfort oriented’ approach.

Their true calling in this life, their true North is going to be the 10th house where the North node ‘Rahu‘ is placed.

These individuals need to learn to step out of their comfort zone and go get whatever they desire out there.

This can be a difficult placement with a difficult lesson because if the native lingers in the comfort of the home for longer than is admissible to the ‘Ketu maharaj‘, he will start pulling the carpet from under their feet to push them out of their ‘comfort zone’.

On the plus side however, as soon as the native ‘steps out’, opportunity meets him.

All you have to do if you have this placement, is to ‘show up’, consistently.

The experience that the soul seeks to master in this lifetime is the experience of showing up and climbing the ladder of success in a slow and steady grind.

Yes the instinct with the North node in the tenth house, as is always there with ‘Rahu‘, will be to find ‘shortcuts’ and ‘hacks’ that can enable the native to not have to leave the comfort zone as much as possible.

However, every time the native takes it too far, the South node creates a circumstance that pushes them out of the comfort zone and out into the world.

The South node here also gives the natives a very instinctive intelligence about managing savings, acquiring property and assets. In the area of land, assets and property, the native is delivered what is ‘karmically’ due to him or her even if there has been no effort in that area.

Even so, the focus needs to be on growing through action and performance of ‘karma‘ on a consistent basis instead of dwelling on past laurels and losing sight of the ‘bigger picture’.

Some notable personalities with this nodal placement:

Donald Trump, Businessman and 45th POTUS

  • Donald Trump graduated with a Bachelor’s in Economics and joined his father’s real estate business.
  • Pretty interesting right? Since the 4th house is all about comforts, land and property.
  • In characteristic ‘Ketu‘ in 4th fashion, Donald Trump was born into a home with an abundance of land, resources, comforts and conveniences.
  • He built upon what his father created and renamed the business the ‘Trump organization’. He expanded the business into building renovating and maintaining casinos, skyscrapers, hotels and gold courses including floating various side ventures.
  • However, in characteristic ‘Rahu‘ in 10th fashion, Donald Trump got his fame by stepping out of his comfort zone through TV shows like “The Apprentice” that he co produced and hosted for 11 seasons.
  • In fact, he achieved a surprise victory and a major upset in 2016 when he became the 45th president of the US while defeating Hillary Clinton.
  • Now, in characteristic ‘Ketu‘ in 4th house fashion, Trump presidency was dominated by numerous controversies and strife at home.
  • In fact he is the first POTUS to be charged with a criminal indictment. That’s one dubious feat for sure considering his predecessors have been people like Richard Nixon who was involved in a major scandal.

Beyonce Knowles, Famous singer-songwriter

  • Beyonce is probably the most loved and looked up to ‘diva’ in the world of music.
  • Her fame, class and craze is probably seconded only by Rihanna.
  • Commercially, creatively and from the perspective of sheer stardom, Beyonce is easily the most successful pop star of her generation.
  • Her life began in a characteristic ‘Ketu‘ in 4th house fashion:
  • Born to a hairdresser and Xerox sales manager, she was raised Catholic and went to a Christian school. There she learned singing, dancing and music and pretty soon became an eye grabbing award winning artist.
  • She achieved great popularity and success with her band “Destiny’s Child” and it was when stepped into the unknown with her solo career that she really started making waves.
  • From being an activist to performing around the globe in awe inspiring performances and widespread critical acclaim, she is known for working hard, thinking big and making daring, powerful moves in her career.
  • In Beyonce’s case, one can say that the aspect of ‘Rahu‘ in the 10th is more pronounced and active.
  • She did suffer a miscarriage and that can be observed as a negative influence of ‘Ketu‘ in 4th (issues related to mother or motherhood)

Mahatma Gandhi, ‘Father of India’, Social reformer

A2FP81 Rare studio photograph of Mahatma Gandhi taken in London England UK at the request of Lord Irwin 1931
  • Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, left India in his teens to study law in Britain.
  • When he returned from Britain after becoming a Barrister, he had adopted quite a few British habits and mannerisms including a certain level of dependency on comfort.
  • Gandhi met with the reality of life under British rule for the first time in South Africa (away from home, ‘Ketu‘ in 4th still active).
  • It was when he was thrown out of the first class compartment for being a man of color that he truly made up his mind to challenge the status quo and mobilize against authority (‘Rahu‘ in 10th taking effect).
  • This opened up a different life for the ‘Mahatma‘ altogether with him slowly releasing all dependence on conveniences and comforts and choosing to take up living like an ascetic devoted the cause of social reform and national freedom.
  • In fact it was characteristic of Gandhi to spend long periods of withdrawal from the limelight and attention to focus on alleviating the grassroot problems of the country (‘Ketu‘ in 4th in effect again.)
  • He would spend time in his ‘ashram‘ weaving yarn, tending to goats, overseeing important administrative tasks until he was confident things were ready for an external push and then launch movements at a massive scale (‘Rahu‘ in 10th).

Hope this was helpful.

Hari Om!

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