Meaning of third house of the D-9 Navamsha chart

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The previous post in the series focused on understanding the meaning of the 2nd house of the ‘Navamsha‘ from the perspective of one’s life path.

See the divisional charts aren’t to be taken in isolation.

It is only when you analyze them from the perspective of how the journey began in the D-1 at the point the soul entered the body, will it make sense.

This is why there are differences in the life paths and personalities of even identical twins.

While the point where the soul enters the body is what the D-1 chart is, the direction that life is destined to take after that is seen by the divisional charts.

So if you look at the the D-9 chart, it points largely towards the path the individual is meant to take in pursuit of completion of his or her higher values of life.

The first house in this respect points towards the experience of transition towards the next phase and also the ease of taking up the mantle of stepping into the higher version of ones-self.

The second house shows us the available resources in this progression and the values as well associated with it.

The third house now shows us the level of courage, industriousness and peer support in upholding and manifesting the higher version of one’s self. A version of one’s self most in consistency with one’s higher self.

While there can be many different interpretations of the third house and what it represents in the D-9, one theme that will always be common is the ability to fight for and defend one’s beliefs and life path.

The planetary placements in the D-9 will point towards the flavor of communications and efforts on part of the individual in moving their life from what they have been given towards that which they envision as the version of themselves they seek to become.

Difficult placements here such as let’s say a Saturn ‘Rahu‘ conjunction, will point towards an individual who probably felt ‘pushed’ into a way of being that they weren’t ready for.

Malefic placements in good dignity however, such as Sun in Aries, Mars in Capricorn or Saturn in Libra, illustrate the picture of an individual actively fighting for and establishing a reality of life that is consistent with their highest beliefs.

North node in the third house of ‘navamsha‘ will show an individual whose primary focus is bound to be one of courageous expression, initiative and innovation.

Benefic planets in the third house of ‘navamsha‘ can point towards harmonious interactions from peers who act as catalysts and enablers in guiding the native towards a higher version of being.

Now how do you apply this information?

So you look at the ‘mahadasha‘ that the native is going through and look at the placement of that planet in the D-9. If the planet that the native is running MD of is in the 3rd house of ‘navamsha‘, then you can deduce that the native in this period is going to be quite focused in moving towards being a higher version of themselves.

Even if this doesn’t happen consciously, unconsciously the individual’s life path will be leading them in this direction.

Look at which houses the planet rules in the D-9 chart and you will get more clues with respect to the lens through which this change occurs.

For example let’s say you are running Mars period and Mars rules the third house in your D-9 chart.

Now, you see that it also rules the 10th house and so therefore the native shall be taking a lot of inspired action in the area of how they want to be seen in the world.

This inspired action towards change will come from a place of moving towards his or her higher vision and beliefs about life (what the D-9 is all about) but also the intention that they have towards the visible impact of these beliefs (Since Mars is also ruling the 10th in D-9).

An added layer of understanding can be developed by looking at the house that the planet rules in the D-1.

For example and I’m taking this example based on Sidereal calculations for simplicity’s sake.. let’s say Saturn sits in the 6th and rules the 7th and 8th house in the D-1.

Now you have Saturn ruling the 2nd and 3rd houses in the D-9 and sitting in the first.

In the ‘mahadasha‘ of Saturn, the individual will be highly aligned towards his or her highest ideals. They may not be ‘ripe’ enough to execute said ‘dharma’ if let’s say the MD is one they are born into. However the primary goal of all the struggles the native is going through by virtue of the Saturn placement in the 6th, is to be able to ensure the manifestation of their higher beliefs and ideals about life. (Refer meaning of first house in ‘navamsha’)

In the same way, imagine Saturn is placed in the 6th in the D-1 and in the D-9 it rules the 4th and the 5th and sits in the 3rd house of the ‘navamsha‘.

Now here in the period of the ‘mahadasha‘ of Saturn the native will be seen to engage in intense struggle. Why? Because both the 6th and the 3rd are houses that demand excessive efforts especially when you have Saturn placed there.

Good thing though is that both the 6th and the 3rd are houses naturally ruled by a friend (Mercury) since 6th and 3rd correspond to the energies of the signs of Virgo and Gemini. Being in such placements, Saturn makes you struggle hard but also provides decent outcomes.

In this case keeping in mind that Saturn is in the 3rd in the D-9 which is 10 places from its original place in the D-1, we see that the individual will be working hard to manifest his highest beliefs and ideals for life by getting into the right line of work that enables them to do so.

The native may change his or her job in order to get into a line of work that is more in consistency with the path he wishes to walk.

In this way you can understand quite a bit about the placements in the 3rd house in the D-9, by relating it with multiple reference points for placements in the D-1. It helps you go into a lot more detail and make sense of the events that take place in the native’s life in the time period of planet. The ‘instinct’ will be there in the native to direct their lives to match the currents of destiny.

The only thing here is that for some individuals even after feeling that ‘pull’, there possibly won’t be a big enough positive shift. That can happen either because the D-9 chart is unsupportive because of a lot of difficult planets that stand blocking the impact of the 3rd house placement in the D-9. Or it can be because the third house placement itself is so tricky that the individual isn’t able to ever consciously step up and claim that energy.

All in all, the 3rd house of the ‘Navamsha‘ should be looked at whenever questions pertaining to one’s personal endeavors, skills, initiatives need to be studied wrt the native’s purpose in the world.

You know how we often say that a lot of people are born with ‘promise’ for something greater but only a few truly live up to that promise?

That’s because not everyone has a strong enough sense of purpose to enable them to realize their fullest potential. Most people just learn how to tune out the frequency of something ‘higher’ and decide to live in a simpler yet disempowered version of themselves.

Probably the biggest reason for this is the amount of change that is accompanied by sacrifice and self work that most people avoid.

The D-9 chart is a study in transformation really.

The third house in particular is a study in the level of initiative desired by the soul in realizing potential that goes beyond just the primary aims for the soul’s manifestation on the planet.

The stronger the health of the 3rd house of the D-9, the greater the drive in the native to ‘run towards’ his or her destiny and fight tooth and nail to defend the ideologies that give a greater meaning to their life.

Hari Om Namo Narayana!

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