What is ‘Mindful Eating’?

It is not about what we eat but instead how we eat it. Our digestion starts in the mouth way before the food has entered our stomach. It starts with chewing so I invite you to take these tools with a pinch of salt and observe them today…

Chew for at least 20 mins! I know this one seems like why should I take so much time activity like eating. Hear me…This is still less than the time we take to scroll our phones…

And that takes the light on the second point, get rid of the phone while eating! Keep it for charging or perhaps just away because…what better time than eating to charge your phone?

Good news is that you won’t need to hit the gym and be in great shape to keep your metabolic rate up. You could try simply walking around your hall/living room, take a yoga mat and get active πŸ™‚

Studies have shown that communicating with loved ones also aids proper digestion. This means when we cater to our emotional needs our body responds by getting relaxed.

It is no surprise that probiotics are a boon for our gut health. A healthy gut promotes good bacteria that aid digestion

Asanas that you can try are apanasana or pavanmuktasanasukhasanavajrasana and dhanurasana or ardhmatsyendrasana

Drink lukewarm water and drink it before eating. Wait until 30 mins after your food to sip water. 

The Author Twesha Khanijow, is a Business Consultant and Yoga Enthusiast.

Published by Twesha

Twesha is a Business Consultant with a passion for Yoga and Wellness. She has a background in Mass Com and loves to paint.

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