Should you buy or generate your own leads? Part 3/7:”Social Media ‘scrolling’ is like ‘flipping’ magazines. Go there!”

So you’re all set you think with a healthy supply of leads per month guaranteed to you by a third party marketer. Right?

The salesmen are all on the floor. They have targets, they have phones and a guarantee of 100 leads per month or “as many as they need” and you’re just going to figure out the ‘numbers’ and scale your business! Right?


You see you believe that probably because you have no clue how the internet works. Mostly it’s just a lack of technical knowledge and that’s ok.

What’s not ok is that this shows a lack of sales knowledge as well.

Too many sales managers out there are shouting at their teams for not being good enough when the truth is the internet has changed everything.

And especially now in Corona times, you bet the whole game’s changed.

Companies that were a little iffy about working with remote companies our outsourcing are way past that tipsy point.

For them it’s just the same if they’re going to work with a company through online meetings, they don’t mind working with another company 2000 miles away if it also means a profit of $2000.

Yes, the protection provided by local laws is a bit of a cushion when working locally but Paypal ensures you can file for refunds easily on overseas transactions.

Also, social media is so powerful these days, that if you’ve done your research well before starting work with a company, chances are they’d be walking on a tightrope to ensure that whatever happens, you don’t end up slandering them over social media.

Simple reason?

If you’ve researched an overseas company well, you know they’re registered and been around a while. If you’re deciding to go overseas with your project then obviously margins would be the #1 reason. Which means wherever the other company is based, they probably lag behind you on currency value.

Your positive review is what would make their business and a negative review or negative publicity by a company could potentially destroy it.

Anyway, I digress.

Point is, there’s so much competition out there to be ‘heard’ that you don’t have a chance to re-make an impression.

Most email marketers you see, are forced to work with a number of email ids because a lot email marketing, the way most people do it at least, is ‘spam

These are unsolicited emails being set by the thousands to people randomly picked out without any research at all.

You have no clue how many email ids these people go through on a monthly basis. It’s almost like living outside the law! Lol a little bit at least. Damn that email marketer probably thinks himself a lot more badass than you think!

Imagine a way of making leads that involves the following:

  1. Constantly changing IP addresses because they tend to get flagged by email service providers for originating spam.
  2. Constantly changing email addresses because they too tend to get flagged by email service providers.
  3. Not answering back for a period of 3-4 hours on an average upon receiving a reply.

You see the point?

In the time span between which that receiver responded to the email copy and when a sales rep contacts him/calls him from a different email id or a completely unknown number…

The respondent has most probably forgotten all about it!

If this was a person who contacted you on your website however, after filling a form or getting an email id, he would remember you clearly. (Search Engine Optimization)

If this person clicked on some ad while searching for something for the nth time in a day, yes he would probably remember less.. but he would still remember. (Search Engine Ads)

If this person clicked on an ad while browsing social media, they would still be able to recall you because such is the nature of social media. People clicking an ad on social media is like people flipping through magazines in the 90s.

Remember that? remember how we used to flip magazines in our time? When there was no social media, no internet, no smartphones?

Yeah. That’s what social media is to people now..

That ‘scrolling’ thingie we all do in our spare time, that’s the exact thing we did when we were ‘flipping’ through magazines.

And now darling… that comes with videos!

People are generally in a better mood on social media and with digital advertising as a whole, internet marketing is so damn easy, you can literally pick someone who went to a particular school as a qualifying criteria and the ad will be shown only to them.

Even then, most digital advertising campaigns usually have a conversion ratio of 25%

And now you wonder why these so called ‘warm leads’ don’t work.

Gimme a break!

Published by Komal

Komal is a Facebook certified Social Media advertising specialist. She was worked with some of the most prominent retail portals around the world.

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