Make peace with your childhood, discover the real YOU!

How many of us are actually where we wanted to be as children?

Sure, we’re all in the journey to self realization but even this realization that it is a never ending journey wasn’t all that pleasant to begin with. Was it? As kids, we thought you grow up, you do this you do that and that’s it, you’re ‘there’. You realize though after you have everything that now there is still the task of maintaining it.

This isn’t a very happy realization and the inner child is sulking at a corner in the room nodding her head at how you tricked her into believing one day homework time ends and you get to play outside. Now you tell her it never ends?

How many of us can recall childhood events with a fondness that lingers? No, not the fondness followed by gloom of what ‘is no longer’.. but once was. That’s your inner child hurting, crying for help. That’s what needs healing.

We kept telling the inner child “I’ll sit with you”, “I’ll help you work through these things that you’re struggling with.” “I got your back. I’ll hold your hand through this.” Then a ‘soulmate’ came along and you abandoned your inner child for what your ego wanted. Every time it was something else. Who made the compromise? The inner child.

Your inner child was begging you for attention and you shifted your focus from one complicated goal to a more complicated goal and to an even more complicated goal because in your ‘adult’ world, nothing is ever ‘enough’ is it? The inner child has always wanted simple things from you and you’ve always had more important things to do with your time.

No matter where you come from, the East, the West, the Subcontinent or from the far north. No matter what sort of life your parents were able to afford you, where you went to school or what your childhood was like, there’s healing to be done.

Most of us, somewhere deep down, consciously or otherwise; are carrying resentment in one form or the other.

It could be from the fact that you feel you grew up too fast or rather had to embrace maturity beyond your years because that is what your situations demanded. Or it could be that you had to sacrifice your childhood dreams for more ‘practical’ things, the ‘safer’ options in life. It could be a lot else and lot different from all this, the bottom line stands:

You need to make peace with yourself and you owe an explanation to yourself why you did what you did and how it all came to pass.

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We forget the simple things that made us happy. The things that we always wanted to do in life. The little things that we would dream about doing as kids until the ‘big’ things came along.

We forget about the things that would make us laugh and the people that would make us smile.
And this, is exactly where we lose ourselves.

What were the things that you loved to do as a kid? How many of them have you done lately?

Tell me when was the last time you RAN? Sorry, dashing to catch a bus doesn’t count. Running just to experience running like you dance! Oh wait somewhere along the line a lot of us became too old to prioritize running at all didn’t we?

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When was the last time you stepped out in the rain and enjoyed it?

Lol, these days it’s the fear of drenching your phone and laptop that stops you from trying most things doesn’t it? Look at the beautiful little prison of golden barbed wire you weaved so immaculately for yourself with the label of success.

Tell you what…

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For those of us who had a difficult childhood, I think it’s time to treat ourselves to the little things of life we never could enjoy.

Never had enough money to buy a gaming console as a kid? Buy one now! So what if you’re 40? Better late than never!

Dreamed of owning football gear of your favorite club as a kid and your pocket money was never enough?
No one’s stopping you now… Buy it off the internet and sleep in it for all you want! (Just don’t turn up at a meeting wearing Gerrard’s Liverpool jersey)

If you wanna be happy in the true sense, make peace with all of those wishes that remained unfulfilled, all of the things that you never could do but REALLY wanted.

Maybe you wanted to go on a road trip with you Dad and he was a really busy man working day in and day out trying to make both ends meet for the family and couldn’t take you.
Maybe when he finally did find time you had gone off to college and then got busy with your life, making a career.

So what? Plan a road trip now!

No, don’t dismiss this idea as just a kiddish desire you had, you’ll be surprised by the fantastic feeling of achievement you’ll get out of granting these wishes to yourself!

Remember, it’s never too late to grant yourself your own wishes! Just the fact that you could make yourself happy with what you wanted, is a big accomplishment in itself.

And things that you can no longer do for yourself, try doing them for kids! And if kids don’t want those things, do it for other people you know who need help.
When you see the happiness on their faces… you’ll feel like you’re in flashback mode with you smiling back at yourself!

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