Meaning and Importance of The Sacral Chakra-Swadhishthana-Part-1

1. Mantra: ‘Vam’
2. Location: Between the navel and genitalia.
3. Color: Orange
4. Position: Parallel to the Earth/ Perpendicular to the Spine
5. Rotation: Clockwise
6. Corresponding Planetary energy: Jupiter
7. Corresponding Number: 3
8. Corresponding Mudra: Dhyana Mudra

Now from root chakra we come to Sacral chakra. The place from where our ego, our identity starts to grow. We want to express ourselves. We want to create something (can be a child too, keyword sexuality).

This chakra is the heart of creation and expression. The womb is also at this chakra (where we all were made). This is also the place where our desires start to surface. Whatever they are, whether sexual or material. Good food? Good clothes? Luxury cars? All desires come from here.

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Our difference in what we desire and what we truly are, helps in giving us our identity (the solar chakra). But it is also true that our creations are a true representation of who we are at the moment. Alfred Nobel invented the deadliest weapon that changed the course of humanity forever but one day due to an event he realized the error in his ways. He decided that he wanted to be remembered as a good person.

The event being the local papers mistakenly printing that Alfred Nobel “The angel of death” had passed away. The mistake was later corrected but it left an impression on Alfred Nobel and he decided he doesn’t desire to be remembered as the ‘angel of death’ that the newspapers wrote him to be. So, he announced one of the most prestigious prizes known to mankind, the Nobel prize of which one is the Nobel peace prize as well. Long story short, he made a decision that all his money will be used in rewarding the people that create great contributions for the growth of mankind.
Also never forget that you are but the medium for creation. Never let the false sense of pride take you over that you are the only creator in this world. The moment we begin to think that way our connection from the higher self is severed.

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The river of life will flow, with or without your conscious contribution. Even by not making a contribution you are unconsciously affecting the outcome. So the flipside is to understand that even by not creating you are still creating and therefore isn’t it better to create consciously from your higher self?

Growth is in expression, creation and remembering who you truly are at the core. A song bird sings her song irrespective of who hears it or doesn’t.

Don’t suppress your inner artist for fear of judgement. This is the key to unlocking the power of the Sacral Chakra. On the flipside, indulge your senses in the creation you are surrounded by but don’t lose yourself. Remember your true essence extends far beyond what meets the eye.

Chakra artwork credits: Olga Nikitana

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