What is the best house for Saturn to be? (Saturn in 6th house effects)

From an esoteric perspective, Saturn placement in the chart is about the area of your life that you have the most karma in. So, it is tough to say which is the best place to have the most karma in your chart!

However, as a Life Coach, when I look at someone’s chart from the perspective of understanding him, Saturn gives me the most glaring cues about what he spends the most time dealing with in his waking life.

Now, all issues may not be overcome in this life time. Some can be just too complex to see the bright side of but Saturn is the one planet in the chart which can help you become great by scaling the insurmountable obstacles you face in that part of your life.

So if we look at it from that perspective, Saturn in the sixth house is probably the best placement to have. This is based on my personal views as a ‘vedic’ astrologer and also to a huge extent of what I consider to be important for succeeding on the material plane but here are my reasons for the same:

  1. Saturn suppresses where ever it is placed.

As a result of this, the good thing is that Saturn’s placement in the sixth house will suppress debts, enemies, diseases and conflicts.

The challenge here is that sixth house also represents workplace, routine, habits and struggles.

These individuals although later in life become the masters of solving conflict, leading a healthy life, inculcating healthy habits and taking care of the body but they tend to develop the discipline necessary to keep a job and find work a little later than the rest.

So the 6th house although one of the ‘dushthana’ houses isn’t all bad. Technically, no house is bad! These are just representatives of the 12 different pillars that your life is built upon.

So the 6th house is bad in the sense that it represents the following:

  • Enemies
  • Competitors
  • Conflicts
  • Routines
  • Debts

However, the 6th house is also good as it represents:

  • The necessary work to accomplish something,
  • Building a solid routine
  • Dealing with necessary day to day expenses
  • Working in general.

Now, since Saturn teaches through delay, sixth house is where Saturn might delay the good aspects represented by the sixth house but it is also giving you more time to grow and prosper until you are strong enough to deal with these things.

If you think of it as a trade off between the good and bad aspects of this placement, it’s not such a bad idea since the Sixth house is the only house in the entire chart that in the ‘vedic’ sense is said to make a person invincible. Let’s cover that in the next point:

2. Saturn makes you work hard where it is placed

So, the sixth lord in the sixth house can make you invincible so to speak because who really is invincible if you really think about it?

Someone who keeps fighting and never loses of course!

You cannot stay within the confines of your home wearing body armor, holding a broad sword and call yourself invincible. You need to go and fight and deal with everything and everyone that comes in your way.

Saturn in the sixth house after the initial phase of your life when it was denying you the ability to work and discipline yourself will begin to push you progressively during its return around the 28th or 30th year.

This energy will make you work, work, work and then work some more!

In fact, people with Saturn in the sixth house seem more Virgo sometimes than Virgos themselves! It’s because the sixth house is the essential house of day to day living. Sixth house is in concise, day to day life.

So, it is better to work hard and have the muscles to show for it than to work hard and not really have much to gain from it materially.

For example, Saturn in fifth will make you work really hard towards self expression and delay your ego. Once you do gain that ego and find your self expression, it isn’t necessary that what you really gain is enough for you to feel fulfilled.

In the first house, Saturn will make you work really hard on yourself and inculcate self discipline but quite often this means that early years were lost in under development. Later on, you may find yourself and become amazing at what you do but time is of great importance in self development so maybe your body just didn’t develop and now that you’re an adult it can’t. You just have to deal with it! Accept it.

In the sixth house however, you didn’t know how things work in the beginning so you were given problems after problems to understand how to fix them. Eventually, you become the master of solving problems and what is success in life all about?

Solving problems!

That is quite often why people with Saturn in the sixth become great entrepreneurs or become self employed. They are addicted to doing things (sixth house) their own way (Saturn likes working alone.

3. Saturn’s aspects suppress 3 other malefic houses.

So, this is a good bonus to have always with a Saturn placement, it’s aspects. However, if it is placed in not such a good house, these aspects can wreak havoc.

For example, let’s assume Saturn is placed in the tenth house.

This is very good in the long run because Saturn is at home in the tenth house, the natural house of Capricorn. The energies are perfectly in sync. However, Saturn teaches through delay therefore the person will take some time to be recognized noticed and appreciated for his or her work.

This is how you must read a Saturn placement:

  1. Look at the challenge i.e. the house where it sits
  2. Look at the aspects on the houses to understand why
  • Third aspect: (Third from Saturn’s placement) The aspect of self efforts
  • Seventh aspect: (Seventh from Saturn’s placement) The aspect of opposition
  • Tenth aspect: (Tenth from Saturn’s placement) The aspect of defining status

So, for a person with Saturn placed in tenth, the recognition achieved in the world is delayed because through Saturn’s 3rd aspect on the 12th house, the person finds it hard to develop his imagination. Through Saturn’s 7th aspect on the 4th house, the person finds it hard to deal with inner conflict or conflict within the home and through Saturn’s 10th aspect on the 7th house, this person isn’t able to get the recognition he deserves for himself because he is too busy defining himself through others!

As Saturn matures, there is a role reversal and the person begins to use all these aspects to his advantage to succeed in the house Saturn sits.

Now, let’s consider the same scenario for Saturn in the 6th house:

This person finds it hard to deal with conflicts and daily routines because through Saturn’s 3rd aspect on the 8th house, this person is trying to control events that aren’t under his control and lacks support from other people. Through Saturn’s 7th aspect on the 12th house, this person always finds himself in opposition to his own dreams ,expenses and anything that requires expending energy in general(12th house significations) therefore he is forced to think practically and logically. Through Saturn’s 10th aspect in the 3rd house, this person is trying to build himself with this own efforts(3rd house significations) and is probably falling short in being able to put the right effort.

Now, what is the story of the person with Saturn in 6th house?

He is trying to make it on his own or let’s say he is forced to make it on his own.

What does Saturn signify?

Working alone, working seriously and being self sufficient.

What do you think this person will turn into once Saturn matures and starts giving him the results he wants?

Now, here is a person who just can’t give up as he thinks all that is required to succeed is to try one more time and work more.

Yup, those are the guys you almost always find at the top.

Because the difference between winning and losing is quite often.. trying one more time!

Hari Om Namo Narayana!

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