‘Ketu’ in 2nd house of birth chart

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The second house, dhana bhava, the most obnoxious placement for Ketu they say as Ketu is naturally debilitated in the sign of Taurus and therefore the natural sign of Taurus, the second house.

This post also works if you have Ketu in Taurus and Rahu in Scorpio.

Ketu rejects where it sits therefore Ketu sitting in the second house rejects wealth, family and even food.

Interestingly though, if you analyze people with Ketu in the second house placement you will find that these people are actually very intelligent with their money and have a tendency to watch what they eat.

Not necessarily early on though. No, early on their soul is still stuck in the previous life where they were probably taureans with a penchant for all the good things and indulgences in life.

People with Ketu in the second house usually grow up naturally gravitating towards the Taurus mould. They grow up wanting, understanding and feeling comfortable with all things related to the second house.

For a while Ketu helps them with this as well as they are still learning to adapt to the new life. However beyond a certain point, it just begins to fall apart. It is pretty clear that they are trying too hard to save money, too hard to accumulate material possessions, too reliant on the family and too indulgent in food and taste.

Ketu in the second house can give a person a tendency to smoke as Ketu represents smoke and as a whole these people may have a heightened ‘hand to mouth’ activity which may translate as many addictive behaviors. Smoking is just one of them and others could be caffeine addiction, eating disorders and nervously or absent mindedly chewing on their pencils or gum, tobacco etc.

They have a lot of attachment towards their family but there is obviously an imbalance in that attachment since their soul has lived out the validity of the ticket that Ketu in the second house represents. They have a tendency to rely on their family for things that they are unable to provide. This causes frustration, isolation, confusion and lack of direction as they try to make sense of the fact that “Others’ families are so supportive while theirs is hardly so!”

It is only when out of sheer frustration of lack from all things representative of the second house that the native steps into the scorpio mould of the eighth house and embraces his inner power that it all begins to make sense.

It begins to dawn on them that Ketu in the second house kept them needlessly attached to a security that never existed and it is in embracing the uncertainty of the eighth house, in being malleable and fluid that their true power lies.

Ketu in second house folks mature in their later life into people with an exceptional grasp of money, security and values, financial and dietary discipline while being a master at forming relationships with other people and gaining from partnerships.

Marriage and joint resources of the in laws, other people’s investments and speculative gains is what gives them reward and losses in equal measure until they finally learn how to hedge their losses and push both themselves and others a little further each time to maximize the prize which is then shared by everyone.

Ketu in second house however has a tendency not to share and is all about holding on to his resources while leveraging other people’s power to score some more. It’s all about pushing it a little further for them every time. Like a compulsive gambler almost, Ketu in the second house person finds a secret pleasure in manipulating people while retaining a sense of control over the entire situation.

Of course if Ketu is conjunct a planet in the second house this changes a lot of things. I am mentioning the effect of a few conjunctions here and you can add these to any other planetary conjunctions occurring therein to get a better grasp of the dynamics.

  1. Ketu conjunct Mars in the second house
  • Mars is naturally out of place in the second house however Mars and Ketu have a similar nature therefore while quite ‘bitter’ and ‘dry’ this conjunction works well for the native.
  • Mars energizes the second house quite a bit so that there is a frequent emptying of a pot into another pot It’s difficult to just hold on to and save money for such individuals. Mars alone energizes the house it sits in and this not really that good for the second house that you would want to have as much Earth element as possible for static wealth to lie ‘still’.
  • However, with Ketu’s tendencies to just ‘let go’ of a house’s significations suddenly, Mars is a great supplement to that energy energizing Ketu continuously to release its energy on a constant basis. Finally the native learns the way to protect wealth is to look towards the opposite house of Rahu in the eighth. Such a person will most likely invest in SIPs, insurance schemes, annuities, stocks and mutual funds on a regular basis as he is just averse to ‘money lying around’. This turns out to be a good thing in the end.

2. Ketu conjunct Venus in the second house

  • This isn’t a bad position actually because Venus is very happy in the second house, the natural house of Taurus and Venus’ home sign.
  • Moreover, Shukra is the Guru of the asuras and therefore a natural friend to Rahu and Ketu.
  • What happens here is Venus’s natural earthly energy in the second house in conjunction with Ketu’s tendency to suddenly let wealth go translates into an energy where the pot may be being emptied from time to time but is also being filled.
  • In time the native realizes that the best solution is to keep filling and emptying the pot each time to ensure there is always a little left over.
  • Venus looks at the eighth house at its friend Rahu and helps Rahu churn out profits and comebacks from the eighth house of uncertainties and risks.
  • In time the native learns that security is enjoyed by providing the same. That the more he puts into the vessel the more he has when it is time to empty it like a piggy bank.

Hope this helps.

Hari Om!

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4 thoughts on “‘Ketu’ in 2nd house of birth chart

  1. Pranam Jay sir,
    I just came across this post recently and thanks for sharing this knowledge with us, it helped me a lot in understanding my psyche. I have Rahu in Scorpio with Moon, and Ketu in Taurus but with reversed house placement i.e. Ketu is in 8th house.
    It is true that since childhood I always craved for stable, happy and supportive family, though I have amazing family but there are times when dealing with them becomes difficult. On top of that Moon being the 10th lord, my career is nowhere near stable. Sometimes I feel like do I even have a career.
    Recently have been praying to God to help me with my depression and as luck would have it I found this article. I was running away from uncertainty when I should be embracing it whole heartedly. I am trying to be in my comfort zone because transforming myself looks daunting so I keep on following same patterns. I used to read astrology topics only to guarantee that I have a certain future where I am successful and had this notion that why to put effort if it’s going to fail in the end. But this article has surely changed my perspective about my failure to acknowledge the inner strength I have to handle pressure and transformation.
    Thank you again for putting light on this topic, jyotish really helps us to understand our life’s purpose and meaning behind why we act and react to certain things in a certain way.
    I will keep treading the path of Karma and embracing my inner resilience and see where life takes me.
    Thank you,
    Hari Om

    1. Pranaam! I am very thankful for the time taken to share your valuable feedback. Feels so great that my content resonated with you. Please do check out my articles on quora if you haven’t already. There’s a ton of content over there as well. Hari Om!

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