The rain is my friend

…And the rain Knocks on my window Like friends pulling you Out of your bed On a Friday night When you’re in bed early.. You’ve lost your job Are too depressed And broke To want to drink Or smile Or even be able to afford either Even if you wanted to… © Jay Kaushal Image… Read More

The power of your dreams

You could lose, Everything; in a second. If you do, Would you still want, What you want right now? You could be wrong and lost, In the dark woods of confusion. If that happens, Would you still keep walking, This path you’ve chosen? You may sleep tonight And not wake up tomorrow. If you don’t,… Read More

Broken Dreams

The doctor,Has medicinesFor most things;But none,ForBroken dreams. This body,can endurepunishments; plenty fromDiseases butNot,Broken dreams. The worldTells me:Take it easy.Don’t Dream.Justbe happy. They don’tCare, ifI live unhappy;Or live,WithoutAny hope. How theyplayed me,with their trickery;making mesmothermy dreams. They willplay you,The same way;and you’llmurderfor them. They willtrick you,into ripping outyour ownheartfor them. They willconvince you,that it’s onlycommon senseyoufit… Read More

Until I Win

Wasted days,Wasted nights,What a wasted life,This is turning out to be. For years I dreamt,For years I strived,For an extraordinary story;An extraordinary life. The struggles don’t end.The pain doesn’t ebb.Like a thorn in the sideMy dreams have turned out to be. Dejected and deflated,Left Disgusted and dilapidated.As around town,paraded naked, my failures have been. Even… Read More