Power of’Why’?

Back when I was a kid in the 90s, we didn’t have the internet. We didn’t even have cable in most households here in India and yet people were flocking from India to the States every other day, building companies that were coming up there. Interesting isn’t it? The products of such low exposure being… Read More

Empower your mind….set it free!

How often have you heard about the concept of focusing your mind on a single thing in order for you to be able to tame it? Great philosophers and ascetics have long advocated the need for us to be able to enslave our senses with the help of our mind.‘Control your thoughts and control your… Read More

Education System

Not enough pencilsin the class;butfar too many,erasers I find. Not enough colorsin the class;yetfar too many,canvases I see. A lot of paintin many cans;buta single color,to paint with. Printed letters running miles;on white pages,withfacts and figures,hard to memorize. My mind longs escape,from the mundane,butchains on deskshold me tight. My wings too wereclipped long agoandI too… Read More