Just Sing Along!

You need as often, As you consciously can: To exhale, As much as you inhale. To relax, As much as you toil. Be as blank, As much as you’re scribbled. And go about as crazy, As controlled; you try to be. Life isn’t a fight, It’s a song… And a song isn’t a song, Without… Read More

Play the odds

Keep walking. Until you reach, A better place. Maybe not today But, soon enough. Keep searching. You will find; Your inner truth. Maybe not easily, But simply enough. Keep dreaming. You will realize; Some, at least. Maybe not all Dreams, come true. Keep trying, Despite your failures. Some will lead, You; to success. Maybe not… Read More

This moment

This moment is gone,Before it came,Back to where;It came from.Like many others,Before it,Like many others,That follow;This moment,Is finite. What you can make,This moment into;And all the momentsTo follow;Has no connection,With what you were;Able or unable,To do with,All the moments;That have gone by. This moment is free,From any judgement,Of the future;And all baggageOf the past.This moment… Read More