Power of’Why’?

Back when I was a kid in the 90s, we didn’t have the internet. We didn’t even have cable in most households here in India and yet people were flocking from India to the States every other day, building companies that were coming up there. Interesting isn’t it? The products of such low exposure being… Read More

Wild And Free

“Should my breath

The cold winds freeze,

Too weary and numb

Should my heart cease..”

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What if this is all there is?

What if this, is all there is? What if this.. is as good as it gets? What if this is as far, you were meant to be; And everything that you ever dreamed about for the future, were memories; Being carried on from a past life. A past where, you had it all. A life… Read More

The rain is my friend

…And the rain Knocks on my window Like friends pulling you Out of your bed On a Friday night When you’re in bed early.. You’ve lost your job Are too depressed And broke To want to drink Or smile Or even be able to afford either Even if you wanted to… © Jay Kaushal Image… Read More

Play the odds

Keep walking. Until you reach, A better place. Maybe not today But, soon enough. Keep searching. You will find; Your inner truth. Maybe not easily, But simply enough. Keep dreaming. You will realize; Some, at least. Maybe not all Dreams, come true. Keep trying, Despite your failures. Some will lead, You; to success. Maybe not… Read More

This moment

This moment is gone,Before it came,Back to where;It came from.Like many others,Before it,Like many others,That follow;This moment,Is finite. What you can make,This moment into;And all the momentsTo follow;Has no connection,With what you were;Able or unable,To do with,All the moments;That have gone by. This moment is free,From any judgement,Of the future;And all baggageOf the past.This moment… Read More

Today and Tomorrow

Always feel like writing tomorrow. Always instead, I write today. Who knows anything about tomorrow? I am still breathing today. Tomorrow is a lot further, than most choose to believe. Tomorrow may not even come. But today, is tomorrow’s reprieve. If you can buy tomorrow, with all the hours today; it won’t matter whatever happens,… Read More

Many years

Many many years,Must pass;BeforePiles of coal,Can transform;Into a handfulOf diamonds. Many many months,Must pass;BeforeSeeds of wheat,Can turn;The fields intoGolden harvest. Many many days,Must pass;Before,The new moonCan rule;The starlit skiesOnce again. Many many hours,Must pass;Before,The morning sunCan emerge;After a longCold night. © Jay Kaushal

Bad Decisions Good Decisions

Bad decisions, are unfairly judged; and criticized, quite harshly. Good decisions, are over rated; and too leniently praised. Bad decisions, leave you; with better sense of judgement. Good decisions, merely leave you gloating; over your judgement. Bad decisions, afford you, a brief recess; via failure Good decisions, leave you with little time, to reassess. Bad… Read More

Until I Win

Wasted days,Wasted nights,What a wasted life,This is turning out to be. For years I dreamt,For years I strived,For an extraordinary story;An extraordinary life. The struggles don’t end.The pain doesn’t ebb.Like a thorn in the sideMy dreams have turned out to be. Dejected and deflated,Left Disgusted and dilapidated.As around town,paraded naked, my failures have been. Even… Read More