You need to ask yourself these questions! Read More

Just Sing Along!

You need as often, As you consciously can: To exhale, As much as you inhale. To relax, As much as you toil. Be as blank, As much as you’re scribbled. And go about as crazy, As controlled; you try to be. Life isn’t a fight, It’s a song… And a song isn’t a song, Without… Read More

This moment

This moment is gone,Before it came,Back to where;It came from.Like many others,Before it,Like many others,That follow;This moment,Is finite. What you can make,This moment into;And all the momentsTo follow;Has no connection,With what you were;Able or unable,To do with,All the moments;That have gone by. This moment is free,From any judgement,Of the future;And all baggageOf the past.This moment… Read More

Today and Tomorrow

Always feel like writing tomorrow. Always instead, I write today. Who knows anything about tomorrow? I am still breathing today. Tomorrow is a lot further, than most choose to believe. Tomorrow may not even come. But today, is tomorrow’s reprieve. If you can buy tomorrow, with all the hours today; it won’t matter whatever happens,… Read More

Take a bow

It’s a painful song; sung with vocal chords, dampened in their blood. It’s a stirring act; enacted by the corpses, of our own ambitions. It’s a rousing rendition; of the dramatic saga, of our spirited struggles. It’s a mesmerizing reenactment; of heroic battles fought, by anyone great. Ever. It’s an adroit narrative, of thriving in… Read More

Many years

Many many years,Must pass;BeforePiles of coal,Can transform;Into a handfulOf diamonds. Many many months,Must pass;BeforeSeeds of wheat,Can turn;The fields intoGolden harvest. Many many days,Must pass;Before,The new moonCan rule;The starlit skiesOnce again. Many many hours,Must pass;Before,The morning sunCan emerge;After a longCold night. © Jay Kaushal

Broken Dreams

The doctor,Has medicinesFor most things;But none,ForBroken dreams. This body,can endurepunishments; plenty fromDiseases butNot,Broken dreams. The worldTells me:Take it easy.Don’t Dream.Justbe happy. They don’tCare, ifI live unhappy;Or live,WithoutAny hope. How theyplayed me,with their trickery;making mesmothermy dreams. They willplay you,The same way;and you’llmurderfor them. They willtrick you,into ripping outyour ownheartfor them. They willconvince you,that it’s onlycommon senseyoufit… Read More