What are the best placements for Moon in the birth chart?

It doesn’t matter if the Moon is placed in the 5th or 10th which I said are the stronger placements for it to be, if the Moon is conjunct either of the nodes, there is associated with it a great deal of chaos and transformation. It doesn’t matter similarly, if the Moon is in a difficult placement such as the 6th or the 1st house, if it is in a powerful ‘nakshatra’ that is by nature very beneficial and lucky such as let’s say ‘Uttaraphalguni’ or ‘Purvashadha’, the Moon is still quite strong. Similarly, difficult ‘nakshatra’ placements even in good placements will be difficult to deal with. For example ‘Ardra’ and ‘Moola’ will have a great deal of chaos associated with them no matter where the Moon is placed in the chart.