…Is temporary gratification for the uninitiated seeker of self realisation. Read More

The way of the Buddha

There never was a beginning. There never is an end. All you’ve ever done, All there’s to do, is walk around the circle; over and over and over, again… until you’re done. You don’t need to stop, or start again. You just need, to realise what you’re doing and decide, if you want to keep… Read More

Eyes shut open

You keep looking but you can’t see. Because you look everywhere but within… Read More

Many years

Many many years,Must pass;BeforePiles of coal,Can transform;Into a handfulOf diamonds. Many many months,Must pass;BeforeSeeds of wheat,Can turn;The fields intoGolden harvest. Many many days,Must pass;Before,The new moonCan rule;The starlit skiesOnce again. Many many hours,Must pass;Before,The morning sunCan emerge;After a longCold night. © Jay Kaushal