Reviews and Testimonials

“Jay is absolutely amazing. He listens very well and uses analogies that anyone can understand to deliver practical advice. You can feel that Jay really wants to help you as an individual because his methodology is action oriented. He will give you something tangible to work with. I highly recommend his services.”

Austin Doty | Entrepreneur (Nationality: USA)

“Jay’s knowledge is unparalleled. His mathematical and logical based approach results in a highly accurate predictive ability. He truly is a master in his field. Can’t recommend him enough.”

Raj Gill | Trader (Nationality: UK)

“Jay connects seamlessly across genders, ages and mindsets. His ability to make you aware of your inner strength and potential is like your New dawn.”

Namrata Kashyap | Entrepreneur (Nationality: India)

“Jay analyzes situations very well and provides apt guidance. Very unique thing about him is his vast knowledge ranging from Sales to Writing.”

Prajvala | Business Development Manager at an architecture firm. (Nationality: India)

“I’m very happy to write a reference for Jay. I have known him for 2 years now. He has been my Personal Development Coach since 2019. He has inspired and guided me to achieve goals which I thought were distant dreams like becoming a certified private pilot while running a busy internal medicine practice to name a few. I have achieved many exciting and challenging personal growth objectives and am Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically stronger now, thanks to him.”

Dr. Kashyap| M.D. Internal Medicine (Nationality: USA)

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