When you are mindful of life happening around you and within you in a single moment… and find perfect synchronicity in both, you are meditating.

Here are the 5 most common bad habits of unsuccessful people:

  • Inability to focus on the task at hand.
  • Inability to follow through on personal goals.
  • Inability to control the senses.
  • Inability to focus on the bigger picture.
  • Inability to build meaningful relationships.

All of these severe deficiencies, stem from a single source: inability to control the mind.

In short, if you can learn to control your mind, you can teach your body to follow your mind’s instructions and act the way logically needed to achieve your life goals.

“The body achieves what the mind believes.”

The problem is, if you do not lack the necessary control over your mind, your mind doesn’t really believe anything fully. It doesn’t fully believe in anything or anyone and that results in a feeling of alienation, anxiety, disconnectedness, uprootedness and fear.

If you are in perfect control of your mind, you are at ease anywhere in the world and with any sort of people. All types of people are ‘your people’ and all kinds of places are ‘home’ for you. You’re in perfect balance and you carry that balance within you. Period.

The whole point of ‘meditation’ is to function from a plane of oneness with your mind, body and soul. It is to unite these three elements of your existence and focus them in perfect synchronicity to perform the tasks at hand.

Different cultures have different approaches to help achieve this state of ‘oneness’ but the end goal is the same no matter what path you take.

To achieve greatness, you require great conviction. To achieve great conviction, you need a perfect unison of all elements of your being. This is what meditation helps you achieve.

It seems as though the whole world is meditating these days. Not to mean any offense to anyone, it surprises me how the number of meditation classes keep increasing while the number of depressed people keep increasing as well!

People today invest so much time, money and energy in paying for experiences that take them away from the world that most people try to achieve the same thing with meditation..

…people try to use meditation as tool to escape!

Not to burst your bubble fellas but that is the ‘opposite‘ of what spirituality and meditation are supposed to do.

  • Why would you want to escape this world first of all?
  • You’re not an alien. It’s your planet, your species has evolved over millennia for you to finally be born here.
  • What you need to escape, isn’t society or this planet, you need to escape your mentality.

Here’s a gentle poem to help put the infinite potential of your actions into perspective for you. You’re encouraged to consider this your first lesson.

Now, I have personally designed this course based on my own meditative practice and meditative practices derived from Reiki, Zen Buddhism, Tantra, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Bhakti Yoga and Mantra Saadhna, and my study and practice of these subjects for the last 13 years.

This includes 10 years of living alone (alone, not in solitude), 6 months of living in a 8*6 room performing spiritual practices, yoga and meditation as well as solitary meditation retreats from time to time.

It is important to note that during the course of development of this meditation system, I held a regular job as a sales manager, living a regular lifestyle, eating regular food, taking vacations and doing regular things.

I’ll tell you what makes the difference though. I have never missed meditation in the last 13 years. I meditate for at least 10 minutes every single day.

When I have time, I meditate for 3-4 hours some times.

If I conservatively estimate my average meditation sitting as 20 minutes, multiply it with the duration of the practice, it works out to 1600 hours over a period of 13 years!

Nothing in this world beats consistent effort. Spirituality is a discipline just like basketball, just like sales and just like yoga. The best thing is, spirituality is perfectly integrated into your life.

As with any other discipline, a teacher helps you supercharge your progress from day 1.

Under the watchful guidance of a teacher, you can learn and master one system which paves the way for you to better understand and master other systems of the same discipline.

I understand that a lot of you might have prior experience with meditation or have been regular at your meditation practice for many years. However, as per my methodology, this course is still ‘Meditation for Beginners’ because at least 70% of the course content covers unique aspects of the meditative practice that may be included in the ‘advanced’ stage by other teachers in their programs.

The way I have studied meditation, I have included these advanced elements in the beginners course because I believe self knowledge doesn’t come easy. It isn’t supposed to come easy. You need to teach your mind to handle more pressure and work with more discipline.

The way I teach meditation, it is a serious discipline that you need to work hard to master.. because if you can master your sense of balance with the world around you.. you become an unstoppable force.

That kind of self knowledge cannot come without a certain level of mental discipline.

This course is specially designed to teach people how to heal themselves and ground their energies to be able to better perform the activities in pursuit of their life goals.

To me, it makes no difference if your life goal is to be the best stock broker, fitness coach or yoga teacher. You can rest assured that it neither makes a difference to God.. or the universe.

The importance of Karma in the material plane far outweighs everything else. Period. My Karma as coach is to ensure you reach your highest output.

You may or may not be following a saatvic lifestyle, you may or may not be interested in attaining the ultimate wisdom, you may or may not believe in marriage or same sex partnerships. None of that stops you from learning how to remain calm, heal yourself, heal your energy and be at peace with your self.

Meditation is a discipline. If you can do the basics right, If you can stick to the habits I will help you build, If you can be honest with yourself during this course and understand the power of never having to look outside for completion, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, your mental strength will increase a hundred fold and your mind will become your biggest asset.

I will help you build your mind strategically like body builders build muscles. Simple.

Course Outline:

  • This online meditation course is taught in a ‘batch based’ format.
  • A maximum of 10 students constitute a single batch.
  • The total course duration is 10.5 hours, taught in 7 lectures of 90 minutes each taught on alternate days over 13 days.
  • New batches on alternate Wednesdays.
  • Registration for each new batch closes preceding Sunday.

All participating ladies and gentlemen are expected to abide by our classroom code of conduct as per our service policies. A copy of the syllabus modules, including learning objectives and outcomes shall be emailed to you upon registration during the pupil on-boarding process. See you on the other side!

” To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders. ” ~ Lao Tzu

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