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Ratna Tantra is a brand formed with the dedicated purpose of taking self healing to the people on a large scale in a practical and flexible format of online learning in a classroom format.

The concept of ‘self healing’ is often misconstrued as a way of fixing something about yourself that is broken. However, the daily routines and rituals of some of the most powerful and successful people in the world will tell you otherwise.

In a fast paced, unforgiving world where the stakes are high and time limited, it is easy to develop the unhealthy habit of neglecting one’s mental and emotional health.

It is easy to get caught up in the rigors of day to day life while completely forgetting the bigger picture.

Taking the time out everyday to work on positive visualization of your goals and dreams, meditating and grounding your energies as well as healing your mind and cleansing it off stress and worry should be as natural as bathing and dining.

People don’t need to take expensive or time consuming yoga retreats in resorts or ashrams if they can learn to make their mind space the Ashram, the Zen Garden, the Resort and the Wellness Centre they need !

You don’t need to escape from this world to follow a spiritually fulfilling path. You can integrate spirituality within your lifestyle and live everyday like a day in your ashram.

 ” You don’t come into this world like an outsider, or an alien. You grow out of this world like leaves growing out from a tree. ” ~ Alan Watts 

Currently, the online learning services provided by us under the banner of Ratna Tantra are limited to the following:

Online Meditation For Beginners Course

7 Chakra Healing Course

Astro Life Coaching