Need More Traffic?: A quick Marketing handbook for Business Owners, Founders & Entrepreneurs

“Need More Sales?” is part of the ‘Scale Your Business’ series written especially for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners.

Globally, times are uncertain and yet the global Micro Small & Medium Enterprise segment is bustling with activity like never before!

Large enterprises have lost the domination over the market like they once gripped so tightly. The new rules of business demand of enterprises to be nimble, agile and adaptable.

The biggest change in the past ten years, has been the advent of the ‘social media revolution’ and shortly after it, the ‘startup revolution.

We are living in times, especially in the post pandemic era, when ‘knowledge’ and ‘innovation’ play a bigger role in business performance than ‘pragmatism’ and ‘expertise’.

Widely across the world, VCs, Entrepreneurs and large corporations are investing in ‘innovation’ that enables brands to drastically improve their problem solving while also building disruptive new trends that have a domino effect on how consumers interact, adapt, adopt and leverage resources at their disposal.

We are in a new age where ‘techpreneurs’ are fast defining market trends with innovative ideas that massively improve resource utilization and business decision making.

Decision making in marketing is no longer about the age old concepts of market research and field knowledge or product/ service leadership.

In the ‘agile’ methodology being leveraged by small teams working on the ‘startup model’, the ‘Build Measure Learn’ method of the Lean Startup Methodology is rapidly allowing able Entrepreneurs on a shoestring budget to pivot and scale their marketing strategies on the basis of Data Driven Business Decision Making and AI powered consumer behavior analysis.

In times like these, Business Leaders need to update themselves on what has changed, how and what it means for them personally wrt their role in their business’ growth.

This knowledge will help them not only in imagining their business growth vis a vis the current realities, but also in being able to collaborate, hire and partner with the right individuals that can deliver them results within the current landscape.

At the very least, understanding this change in the form of a concise refresher such as this one will open their minds to how things changed and which new directions to focus their attention to, in order to continue their life’s work.

This book will be especially helpful to C Level executives of the baby boomers’ era who have lived through the .com era, multiple stock market crises, the pandemic and much more, on the basis of their superior business acumen.

Today, they are competing with fresh young talent from the Gen Z era who are trading crypto and predicting marketing trends all with the help of AI right in their laptops. The magnitude of change in doing business especially in terms of marketing, is one to be appreciated and adapted to.

This book contains everything you need to know about leading Marketing from the front and opening new channels of revenue in less than 30 mins.

Also included are industry examples, case studies and citations of some of the best articles published in some of the most respected journals around the World.

  • You can get the old edition as an ebook on Amazon right now.
  • New addition arrives in paperback in July 2023
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