Soul Whispers: Loving notes from your higher self.

Soul Whispers is a gentle book of motivation and inspiration to help you get in touch with the gentle space of self love with yourself.

“Soul Whispers” is one of those books that just flows out from the heart.

A gentle and uplifting book that you can turn to again and again to center yourself as well as to inculcate a healthy sense of self love and that you may be needing no matter what your current station in life.

The book speaks to you gently and soothingly, quelling the most common doubts and fears that tend to take over the mind when we are faced with challenging times.

The book is written in a gentle flow of verses and questions that both motivate you to question your own fears and soothe insecurities that may be weighing you down at the back of your mind.

Price: INR 2100

If paying via PayPal: USD 29

Paperback of the new edition comes out on July 4th 2022.

Current Edition is available for purchase as a PDF.

To order your copy of the current edition, please fill out the form below and you shall be emailed your copy within 3 working days.

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