Need More Sales?: A quick Sales handbook for Business Owners, Founders & Entrepreneurs

“Need More Sales?” is part of the ‘Scale Your Business’ series written especially for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners.

Globally, times are volatile and yet there never has been as much movement in the MSME sector ever before.

Left right and center, new companies are blooming, many companies are closing down and startups are failing and starting as new startups are rising to the fore with record breaking valuations and funding.

As an Entrepreneur, Startup Founder or Business Owner if you’re struggling to adapt to the changing times this is your opportunity to reminisce that “Chaos is not a pit. Chaos is a ladder”.

This book is meant to serve as a very quick Sales and Marketing Guide for the C Level Executives of any MSME.

All you need to know about getting on top of Sales and Marketing and opening new channels of revenue within 30 mins.

And with industry examples, case studies and citations of some of the best articles from
some of the most reputable journals in the World.