Frequently asked questions

Here’s a list of common questions asked about the life coaching session. If you don’t find your concern addressed here, feel free to reach out directly.

Will this session be face to face?

Yes, the session is face to face. You can take it in-person or online in a zoom call. Face to face interaction is an important component of this session and clients are expected to keep the camera ON to attend the session.

What is the nature of this session?

The nature of this session is to help provide you with the answers, tools, clarity, mentoring/coaching as required, to achieve the goals you wish to achieve in your life.

This could be as simple as working to have a better health, better relationships or develop your confidence/ courage/ interpersonal skills etc.

It can also be as advanced as requiring one on one spiritual guidance about the most elusive life problems of your life and existence. Healing recurrent ‘karmic’ patterns in life such as lack of money, constant heartbreaks/ betrayals/ health problems/ career or home instability.

It could also be at an energetic level such as healing emotional trauma, advice to build a meditation, ‘saadhna‘ practice, improve home according to ‘Vaastu‘/ Feng Shui advice/ numerological/ astrological advice.

Is this an astrological session?

Vedic‘ astrological components do find a lot of application in the session to help you provide the best guidance and coaching possible. However the level of astrological application is up to you. If you wish you can opt for an entirely astrological session or a session focused only on personal development.

Even so, Jay may incorporate additional details to aid his analysis as part of his coaching process.

How can I be sure that confidentiality will be maintained?

While maintaining confidentiality is an integral part of our business and Jay Kaushal has worked with many well known personalities as his clients, you can opt for an NDA before sharing your details to feel 100% confident of all aspects of your case being kept confidential as per the terms of the NDA.

What will be the duration of this session?

The session is 60 minutes in duration.

What is the fee?

The fee is INR 5100 if you pay via bank transfer or UPI. It is USD 75 if you pay via PayPal.

Is the fee just for one session or a follow up session also?

The fee is only for a single session of 60 minutes. However for a period of 7 days after the session, you can interact with Jay on Whatsapp for any follow up doubts or queries based on what was discussed during the session. Any new questions/ doubts or ideas are to be asked or discussed as part of a new session.

How many people can participate in the session?

Every session is strictly 1:1 in nature. However maximum 1 more person such as a spouse, close friend or parent can join as an observer or interjector. The focus will be only one person per session.

How many charts can be discussed in the session?

If opting for an astrological analysis, as many charts as time permits can be taken up in the session. However, Jay will decide the level of detail and chronology when doing so. After you have fully described your requirements and set a goal before the session, Jay will structure the session based on the best utilization of the 60 minutes of session time.

What exactly is the ‘life coaching’ aspect of this session?

‘Life Coaching’ refers to the utilization of all knowledge and information available about the patterns, habits and tendencies of the individual to advise them on what to change, how to change it and where to look to arrive within a clearly defined time interval to better achieve their goals.

As part of this session, astrology, numerology, graphology, kinesics and NLP among many other different techniques shall be employed to advise the client on the best approach towards achievement of their goals and fulfillment of their desires.

What is the payment structure?

100% payment needs to be made in advance. For more details kindly refer the Terms of Use under the “Cancellation & Refunds Policy” and “Money back guarantee policy”.

What is the waiting period to schedule a session?

Appointment slots shall be allotted on the basis of availability and load of requests. Ideally slots are allotted within 12-48 hours. Sometimes it can take longer if the number of requests is too high,

How do I make the payment?

You can make the payment via UPI, Bank Transfer or Paypal.

What constitutes the session?

The session constitutes a lot of different methodologies and techniques all aimed at providing immediate relief and progress to the client based on the concerns they share before scheduling the session.

Tantric meditation, astrological guidance, numerology, graphology, kinesics, ‘mantra‘ and ‘saadhna‘ guidance, ‘vaastu‘ considerations, management advice, ‘yoga‘ and ‘pranayama‘ considerations and life coaching, personality development, confidence development & intellectual/spiritual development based techniques to accentuate self empowerment and problem solving.

The session is structured to offer guidance, provide knowledge as well as coach the client on how to tackle and overcome recurrent challenges or problematic life situations/ circumstances.

What are the credentials of Jay Kaushal?

Jay Kaushal is formally trained in the field of Management. To this effect, he has a B.Tech in Computer Science, a PG Diploma in Marketing, a PG Diploma in International Business Operation and certifications from Google and IIT Bombay in Search & Display Advertising and Business Analytics.

In the field of spirituality, meditation and ‘vedic‘ philosophy, he is informally trained by his grandfather, his ‘guru‘ and independent research.

He is currently being trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

You can read more about him here.

What other offerings do you provide?

We currently offer 2 coaching programs for individuals as well as 2 coaching programs for organizations. These offerings are highly customized in nature and you need to start by scheduling a personal session first. If your request for a personal session is accepted, Jay will take the process forward from there. Thereafter if your request for enrolling in any of the programs is accepted after that, fee for one session shall be adjusted into the program fee.

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