A good teacher tells you where to look
but not what to see.

In the age we live in, everyone is so obsessed with ‘getting there’ that all of the focus is on ‘getting there’ and not perfecting the ‘process’ that actually prepares you for the things you’re going to do when you are finally… ‘there’ !

This is precisely why there are so many people with advanced degrees from top institutes who are utterly lost after graduation. They have no clue what to do with their life because they never prepared themselves for actual ‘work‘.

Quite often, this is because the college major people pick up is so out of line with the ‘actual work’ that they would have to perform in the role that it comes as a rude shock to them!

People realize only afterwards what they really want out of life and can’t do it because even though they have the skills, the talent and the vision to succeed in their ‘dream’ careers, they lack the self belief.

A lot of people can’t put themselves through so much inner work and just give up the idea of working altogether and begin to drift through life like hippies.

You see tea vendors and vegetable vendors these days with a lot less stress than someone with a degree in Commerce!

That’s not bad if that’s what you really always dreamt about but in 99% cases that isn’t how it is. You can see that these people have the talent, the resources and the potential to build their lives a certain way but they have no direction.

Then there are others who want so much but have so little guidance and training to be able to visualize objectively what they want and how to get there.

I was lost too once like many of us are; at some point or another, all of us are lost.

In some way or another, we all must find our way back and that is when we sometimes need someone who can show us the way.

That is why you need a coach.

Our system teaches us from a very young age that the learning process is meant to be a one-way ,top-down process.

But the essence of the process of learning is that it happens automatically within the student like like a ‘spark‘ that needed to be lit.

The job of the coach is to light that spark within you and equip you with the resources necessary to light a flame that never dies.

A flame so bright and so true that when the time comes, you can draw in on it and show others the way… just like the coach… before you! 🙂