Broken Dreams

The doctor,Has medicinesFor most things;But none,ForBroken dreams. This body,can endurepunishments; plenty fromDiseases butNot,Broken dreams. The worldTells me:Take it easy.Don’t Dream.Justbe happy. They don’tCare, ifI live unhappy;Or live,WithoutAny hope. How theyplayed me,with their trickery;making mesmothermy dreams. They willplay you,The same way;and you’llmurderfor them. They willtrick you,into ripping outyour ownheartfor them. They willconvince you,that it’s onlycommon senseyoufit… Read More

I want to be remembered

I’m twenty seven and fading away; Fast, into oblivion. With each day, my years lose the promise they held all those years ago. Each day takes away from me the chance of an early fame. Each new day brings meaning to my life; And robs the meaning from all years past. I am at crossroads… Read More

Ratna Tantra

Ratna Tantra is a brand formed with the dedicated purpose of taking self healing to the people on a large scale in a practical and flexible format of online learning in a classroom format. The concept of ‘self healing’ is often misconstrued as a way of fixing something about yourself that is broken. However, the… Read More


She ain’t just a girl, She’ the girl. She’s a flame. Enigma. She’s like fire, Floating on Tender ornate wings Of a butterfly; Fluttering past you In the summer. She’s broken a many hearts And had her heart broken too, One too many times. You want her, Like they all do.. But you can’t have… Read More


Don’t you dare Give up On your dreams. Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare Convince yourself, You’re not good enough. Don’t you quit! Even if your pockets are empty Your fridge is empty Your health is waning And your bills are all past due. Don’t you quit! Don’t. Even if they keep telling you That… Read More

Until I Win

Wasted days,Wasted nights,What a wasted life,This is turning out to be. For years I dreamt,For years I strived,For an extraordinary story;An extraordinary life. The struggles don’t end.The pain doesn’t ebb.Like a thorn in the sideMy dreams have turned out to be. Dejected and deflated,Left Disgusted and dilapidated.As around town,paraded naked, my failures have been. Even… Read More