The power of your dreams

You could lose, Everything; in a second. If you do, Would you still want, What you want right now? You could be wrong and lost, In the dark woods of confusion. If that happens, Would you still keep walking, This path you’ve chosen? You may sleep tonight And not wake up tomorrow. If you don’t,… Read More

Broken Dreams

The doctor,Has medicinesFor most things;But none,ForBroken dreams. This body,can endurepunishments; plenty fromDiseases butNot,Broken dreams. The worldTells me:Take it easy.Don’t Dream.Justbe happy. They don’tCare, ifI live unhappy;Or live,WithoutAny hope. How theyplayed me,with their trickery;making mesmothermy dreams. They willplay you,The same way;and you’llmurderfor them. They willtrick you,into ripping outyour ownheartfor them. They willconvince you,that it’s onlycommon senseyoufit… Read More

Brand Info

Hi! I’m Coach Kaushal. Dhananjai Kaushal, Success Coach It all started when I was first exposed to the world of International Business as a Strategic Alliances Manager (North America Region) in the Software Services sector. With a B.Tech in Computer Science, and a Diploma in Digital Marketing, I figured out pretty soon that Entrepreneurship is… Read More

Until I Win

Wasted days,Wasted nights,What a wasted life,This is turning out to be. For years I dreamt,For years I strived,For an extraordinary story;An extraordinary life. The struggles don’t end.The pain doesn’t ebb.Like a thorn in the sideMy dreams have turned out to be. Dejected and deflated,Left Disgusted and dilapidated.As around town,paraded naked, my failures have been. Even… Read More

Empower your mind….set it free ( contd.)

Empower your mind….set it free ( contd.) If you read the previous post you must have been able to figure out by now the common connection between all the great people I talked about. It’s the freedom of their mind and their thoughts that made them so powerful that it lead them through the long… Read More

Entrepreneur Motivation Day 3/7

People don’t buy for the value you create. They buy for the value they ‘perceive‘. Marketing is defined by the American Marketing Association as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large”. In short, marketing is the art of creating… Read More

First believe YOU CAN!

Deep down, everyone dreams of achieving greatness. Not everyone achieves that dream because not everyone wants to commit to that dream. Wanting a better life isn’t enough. You need to get down to building it. Most people are aware their life is out of alignment with their dreams. They just don’t admit it. It’s easier… Read More

Your comfort zone.. and where the magic happens..

I was writing in full creative force when I gave up WordPress altogether and just.. left…I just felt my true expression was being lost in translation. I felt that there was so much I needed to say and in different ways that I was losing out on just because I had gotten used to being a certain way and accepting a certain order to things. Read More

TMI Tag – Too Much Info about me!!

A while ago, fellow blogger Apple Rae tagged me to answer these questions below. I have been wanting to answer them from some time but boy! have I been busy. I’ve barely been able to keep up with my blogging schedule and firefight all the other areas of my life that are fast transforming. But… Read More


Don’t you dare Give up On your dreams. Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare Convince yourself, You’re not good enough. Don’t you quit! Even if your pockets are empty Your fridge is empty Your health is waning And your bills are all past due. Don’t you quit! Don’t. Even if they keep telling you That… Read More

I want to be remembered

I’m twenty seven and fading away; Fast, into oblivion. With each day, my years lose the promise they held all those years ago. Each day takes away from me the chance of an early fame. Each new day brings meaning to my life; And robs the meaning from all years past. I am at crossroads… Read More

Play the odds

Keep walking. Until you reach, A better place. Maybe not today But, soon enough. Keep searching. You will find; Your inner truth. Maybe not easily, But simply enough. Keep dreaming. You will realize; Some, at least. Maybe not all Dreams, come true. Keep trying, Despite your failures. Some will lead, You; to success. Maybe not… Read More

Suicide Note

Years of spirited struggle reduced to nought.Hours of contemplation precede,Seconds lasting eternity;As life-long dreamsconclude into frivolousness. There was a voice somewherein the distance;I don’t remember where,or who it was;it was comforting, somewhat. No flashes of light, like they say,neither darkness.No flashes whatsoever.Plain sordid reality;just hits you like concrete. Maybe it happened too fastor it took… Read More