Don’t stop. Keep going!

If you’ve been in a self improvement journey for a while then you probably would have realized by now that it’s tough.

  • Maybe you’re in a fitness journey or self love journey.
  • Maybe you’re in a de-addiction journey or entrepreneurship journey.
  • Maybe you’re getting back to school to pursue higher education or working hard to finish a book.
  • Maybe you’re healing from emotional or physical trauma.

Whatever the exact nature of your journey of self improvement, you realize sooner or later that things can’t and never go your way all the time.

Sometimes what you’re putting on the line is so much more than you can afford to lose and it’s scary.

It’s scary because if you lose, everything falls down and it will take you forever to pick up the pieces of your broken dreams and start building again.

If that happens, you want to give up. Times like these you just feel the sheer weight of each day as time seems stuck and you can’t move forward. In between trying and losing and trying again, you find your centre.

You know what I mean right? That little space inside your head where you have 100% belief in your abilities.. that little ‘zone’ in your mind where you can just blur the world out and give your 200% to the task at hand.

That IS what we set out to discover in the first place my friend! That IS what we set out to connect with through everything we yearned for. Ever.

You don’t build your dreams to build something. You build your dreams to find out just how far you can go with it. You challenge yourself to discover yourself. That’s what it is all about.

And you need to realise that it doesn’t matter if you’re making the proverbial journey up the mountain or down the mountain. Through all of that, you’re always journeying within.

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself this moment and it doesn’t matter how many years of effort or struggle has gone into you being here right now as you are. It only matters where you’re going from here and what the next step of your journey demands you become.

Conscious self improvement is a ruthless process of change that is as rewarding as it is uncomfortable.

  • You will not feel like it or even be fully recovered for a workout every day.
  • You will not be ready for the demanding nature of running your own business.
  • You will not feel secure performing in front of an audience all the time.
  • You will regress back into your addictions sometimes and you will feel symptoms of withdrawal even many years into your journey.

The solution lies in understanding that the pain of growth and change is much better than the pain of staying stuck in a version of yourself that isn’t empowering.

The solution lies in understanding that once you have tapped into the knowledge of what gives you a sense of empowerment, there is at least a 100 mile runway beyond that point that leads up to the greatest version of who you are.

People won’t see it, people won’t get it and people.. quite often the closest to you.. will do everything in their power to stop you from taking flight and escaping that place in your life.

They will do it unconsciously sometimes and other times consciously. Sometimes it will be because of insecurity and sometimes it will be as a result of attachment. No one will understand your ‘urgency’ and ‘obsession’ with going far far away from what you have fought for years to overcome.

No one but you.

And whenever you feel tempted to let off steam and get ‘comfortable’, remind yourself that this ‘comfort’ is what stopped you from escaping the toxicity that had been keeping you trapped in your old habits.

Remind yourself that you were the one suffering.

Be it in a toxic marriage, an unhealthy body, creative frustration, unfulfilled career or addictions.. you were the one who was suffering the most through that state of disempowerment.

If even after discovering the road to your empowerment, you choose to not take it, run with it and explore how far you can go with it.. it is only a matter of time before you regress back into those patterns.

  • You must keep moving forward even if with .1% progress on some days. That’s fine.
  • The main goal is to not concede a failure from that area of your life.
  • You don’t do this from a lack mindset however. You don’t do this from a fear based mindset. You do this from a mindset of simplicity.
  • A mindset that focuses on moving forward in a linear manner, covering the weaknesses at least as they are known and revealed.
  • It’s in constant progress that more weaknesses and handicaps will be revealed to you over time.
  • It’s in constant progress that you will then be able to remedy as many of them as are revealed.

The catch though is constant forward movement exposes conflicts and conflicts are difficult to deal with because that is so by design.

No one actively goes out seeking conflicts not even if they’re John Wick.

However that’s just inevitable. In the same way that the longer a machine runs the more likely that something will need fixing sooner or later, the further you go, the more you encounter circumstances that stall and impede you.

The wisdom is in embracing and understanding these conflicts as proof of your growth. The wisdom lies in interpreting these conflicts as a testament to your progress.

Sure, people close to you may act differently and tell you “I told you so”. You however, must ensure you remind yourself how much it took to get out of the toxicity of inaction and get in to the energy of proactive change.

Problem solving is a muscle. You lose it if you don’t use it.

The more you try new things, the more you challenge yourself to surpass your own records and perceived limitations, the more you unlock abilities unknown to you.

The price to be paid for each level of self awareness is solving a problem.

That’s important. Important because many of these problems you end up solving for others who are headed in that direction. In the same way that there were many problems you never had to face because others further along this path, solved them for you.

So no matter what happens, once you have tapped in to the energy of self empowerment, keep building upon it. Keep building up on it and keep the faith.

Have faith in who you are and you will rise up to the occasion. Have faith my friend because you will go down and you will come up and it’s all just a part of life.

Have faith because if you brought yourself out of the blind pits of addiction, bankruptcy, divorce, failure, heartbreak, jail, depression, disease… if you brought yourself out of the pits of the most difficult challenges of life.. you can pull yourself out of all the conscious challenges you pose to yourself in order to grow.

If you survived the hell that you were given, you can sure as hell survive the fire you have chosen to mould yourself into a stronger version of you.

©Coach Kaushal

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  1. This is just fabulous! This superb dose of motivation can make a dead guy jump out of the grave to lay claim on life! Just what I needed today. Thanks!

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