How to feel more energetic and motivated?

Everybody knows somebody who is so motivated and driven that it seems as
though they are operating on a higher energetic plane.

You know what I mean right?

The guys who are just at it again and again and again day after day after

Not just in terms of their career but just in all areas of their life. It’s their
default attitude towards life. They just seem to be drawing in a lot more
energy than is available for normal folks.

I mean.. it’s hard enough consistently pulling yourself out of bed for an early morning run.. but to then also have the energy to come back from work and go for dance lessons.. while you’ve already had a thoroughly engaging work day.. not just ‘punch in the hours and leave’ kind of stuff.


Yet some people out there are doing it and doing it consistently and not
doing it to show off or flaunt but very much because that’s the frequency
they’re operating on.

What’s their secret?

It’s what they are tuned in to.

You must have heard this popular quote:

“We don’t get burned out as a result of doing a lot of the things we don’t like doing. We get burned out because of a lack of doing all the things that we love doing.”

Thing is, it still doesn’t paint the full picture.

If you don’t know what are the things that truly fulfill you, how do you recharge?

Many people don’t really know what are the things that truly fulfill them in
a ‘healthy’ fashion.

Many people are so far along the road of self denial in their spirited
efforts to ‘fit in’ and ‘make it work’ with everybody else that the only truly
fulfilling activities they engage in, are those that help them tune out the pain
that is their life!

Partying, shopping and living it out in a ‘glam’ life is what seems to most
to be the ultimate happiness.

That’s the formula right?

“Work hard. Play hard”

But take all the material happiness away and you see that the basis of most people’s happiness is almost entirely external.

Most people are only ever able to do as much as is required of them to be able to afford the ‘painkillers’ that are these material indulgences. All the while maintaining a semblance of control over their lives which tbh doesn’t really exist.

They find themselves constantly lacking in energy. Constantly lacking in
adequate nourishment. Constantly lacking in sleep, comfort and ‘joy’. No matter how much you try to fill that hole, a deep sense of ‘lack’ is always felt.

That’s because life has been reduced to a mere ‘transactional experience’ for these people. They are ignorant to the concepts of co-creation with the universe, they are ignorant to the existence of a higher plane of consciousness beyond the material

You see, people in tune with the calling of their hearts may be less aware
of the spiritual side of life but are still intuitively attuned with a higher

They may often lack the necessary words or terms to describe this ‘connection’
but have a good understanding of what ‘dims’ it and what ‘enhances’ it.

This connection is the source of the highest energetic vibration available
freely for us all.

Anybody can tune into it and connect with a higher level of energy, positivity and drive.

Do you know what that is?


It’s actually a scientific fact that when you’re in love, all the hormones
in your body are working in all the right ways to heal you faster, make you
require less sleep and food. Help you feel better, stronger and more upbeat and

When you’re harboring emotions of resentment, unhappiness, frustration and
sadness however, consciously or unconsciously, sooner or later they manifest as
physical ailments.

In today’s day and age, that ‘ailment’ for most is wobbly mental health.

When you don’t feel mentally as strong, upbeat, positive and motivated as
you could, you automatically feel yourself lacking in the necessary strength
and drive in your physical body.

No amount of wealth, ‘recognition’, fame, awards or riches and comforts can
help you feel better if you don’t feel a deep love for the life you are living on a day to day basis.

The job, the body, the spouse, how things are at home and what you are able to do about all of these things, that’s what is the true source of joy. True joy comes from a deep connection with every aspect of your life.

That superhuman state that so many people who are operating at their peak
performance on a consistent basis seem to be, is a state of perfect sync with
their highest intentions on how to utilize the life that has been given to them
by God.

These people are truly in ‘love’ with their lives and seek to pursue only and all of the things they truly feel in love with.

You will quite often see cancer survivors in this category.

 Once you have had a brush with how bad a life of decay and weakness can be, you never want to listen to anything else but the calling of your heart.

Once you have reached the dark end of that road you want to run as far away from
it as possible in the direction of your dreams.

The good thing is, all of us don’t have to wait for a near death experience or
a major health scare to put life into perspective.

It begins by taking the first and the most critical step:

The step ‘inwards’ towards the ‘self’.

·        Mediation can be immensely helpful in this area.

·        All healing modalities, popular, mainstream or
alternate are great to explore. Whatever works for you.

·        Eating better and healthier is the simplest way
to honor your body.

·        Exercising regularly but not necessarily ‘pushing’
yourself to ‘look’ a certain way to ‘fit in’ but more like engaging in the type
of physical workouts that give you the most happiness.

Once you start taking these steps, and not just on ‘weekends’ or ‘alternate’
week days but integrate them in your day to day life, you will find a new you
begin to emerge.

This ‘new you’ will want to share ideas with you, talk to you and express
what truly matters to your soul.

It will seem pretty uncomfortable at first when you suddenly want to change your habits and that will invariably result in your changing your friends.

Then you will probably want to change your hairstyle, clothes and maybe where you stay.

Once you begin to listen to the ‘true voice’ of your heart that is driven by love, you will find that your past life will need to fall away.

That’s scary right?

But isn’t it scarier to think that all this may happen forcefully and unconsciously to you through an external circumstance that you wouldn’t be able to avoid?

Isn’t it better to consciously invite this change bit by bit in a self regulated manner?

When you tune into the true frequency of who you are and truly begin to ‘listen’..
feeling loved and exuding energy and confidence will just happen automatically.

You’re actually not tuning into a ‘new you’ but truly tuning into the ‘real you’.

That’s where the core of your power is hidden.

In the essence of who you truly are.



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Published by Jay Kaushal

Jay Kaushal is a Writer, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach with double PGs in International Business Operation & Marketing. He has cross disciplinary expertise in the fields of Business, Wellness, 'Tantra', 'Vedic' Astrology, Personal Transformation and Leadership.

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