Rahu mahadasha secrets part 1/101

I have been blessed to have built so much on the back of the bad boy of ‘Vedic‘ astrology: ‘Rahu‘.

Seriously, it’s simply amazing how much I have been blessed by ‘Rahu ji‘.

Maybe one day I dream to share my chart and get people gasping at how apt it was that I would achieve so much writing about ‘Rahu‘.


Haha ‘Rahu ji‘ controls so many important placements in my chart and through the background. Not apparently but subtly. Like an underlying energy constantly at work.

Chances are you too have ‘Rahu ji’s‘ energy playing itself out in your life somewhere in your chart even if you never go through ‘Rahu mahadasha‘ in this lifetime.

It’s there.

Just by virtue of his placement in your chart, he is guiding you in a specific direction. This is the direction of your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. This is the direction of your ‘soul calling’ and you can only ignore it for as long. Ultimately you need to surrender to it and let it lead you , let it guide you.

That’s the power of ‘Rahu‘.

In this series of posts, which are going to be exclusively published on my website, I am going to talk about 101 secrets of ‘Rahu mahadasha‘.

Yup! Every post will talk about 1 secret about ‘Rahu mahadasha‘ and ‘Rahu‘ placement in your chart that you probably didn’t know.

So let’s take the name of Shri Hari and start this amazing journey.

Hari Om Namo Narayana!

So the first secret about ‘Rahu mahadasha‘ is this:

Rahu destroys the house that it sits in so you can build something ‘new’ here.

Hmm. Me talking about things so sordid and worrying like death destruction and conflict? Damn! I never do that on my Quora account while answering questions. Then why am I doing so here?

Well, most people panic and they panic very fast when they read things like these.

On top of that, Quora’s policies are way too restrictive sometimes to be able to talk freely. It seriously drives me crazy sometimes.

It’s almost like they are objectively opposed to writers writing about ‘Vedic‘ stuff in English. Quite often even when you really don’t have an alternative for Sanskrit words, they will just flag your answer or collapse it for flouting the language policy.

Also, big commercial names of astrology apps, individual astrologers and lots of other people whose livelihood depends on astrology, just take a free swing at your content and downvote it for no reason sometimes.

Maybe jealousy, dislike, disagreement? I don’t know.

Look I’m a firm believer in peace, live and let live and just let the light shine bright. Yes, my views on ‘Vedic‘ astrology are quite often too novel and unorthodox for people to accept right away and I’m sorry I can’t change myself.

It’s just the way I am and how I write. I am very qualified on the academic and practical, business side of things as well so my understanding of ‘Vedic‘ knowledge is very modernistic and ‘applied’ in nature rather than taking things literally in ways that simply no longer are relevant in 2022!

I want to bring ‘Vedic‘ astrology up to date with current times and make it easier and more logical to understand as a science not just this ‘fortune telling’ avatar that they’ve made it out to be.

This isn’t the ‘Vedic‘ way at all!

I’m sorry it just irks me that that’s what they’ve done to it. Instead of finding the true meanings, the true essence of this science, people are more and more obliterating what it stands for just to be able to commercialize it and make it profitable.

Well, you can do that the right way too!

Anyway, enough of my rant.

Back to the point.

So the point is, the secret is, ‘Rahu‘ destroys the house that it sits in so you can rebuild it.

This is the most painful aspect of ‘Rahu mahadasha‘ and even ‘Rahu antardasha‘.

This mystical obsessive force comes along and Bam! destroys your carefully built castle of cards and forces you to rebuild it.

Crying over what you have lost is no option and there isn’t even enough time for the native to do so because things keep changing and shifting one after the other as the ‘Rahu mahadasha‘ progresses.

Here’s the deal now..

What ‘Rahu ji’ wants to make the native learn, what ‘Rahu ji‘ wants to guide the native to understand is to take a different approach.

What does this mean?

Okay. Let me give you an example:

Rahu‘ is placed in your 7th house. ‘Rahu mahadasha’ starts and your wife divorces you.

Let’s say further that the 7th house being 10th from the 10th, ‘Rahu‘ further causes problems at your job probably because of the divorce.. who knows, any reason could be possible. This is just a scenario.

Now, what’s the most likely reaction that a person will have to this new reality?

Well, the native will be aghast at what has happened and wont’ be able to come to terms with the new reality by which time, the flow of ‘Rahu mahadasha‘ is further and further pushing them in a direction alien to them.

It’s like the flow of the river that you have been pushed into is constantly pushing you further and further away from the shore.

Try to understand now.

You cannot return to the shore.

If you want to survive, you will need to swim with the flow and aim at a point on the other side of the river.

On that shore, a new beginning is guaranteed to you and it is in fact your soul’s deepest desire to build something of value and experience this novel adventure but it has to be on that end of the shore.

The sooner you reconcile yourself with this new reality, growth can occur.

Actually, people can grow to massive heights in their ‘Rahu mahadasha‘ and even ‘Rahu antardasha‘. However, quite often I have seen two people with the same ‘Rahu‘ placement have polar opposites when it comes to results.

Why is that?

It’s because free will plays a huge role.

The more you resign to the force of ‘Rahu‘, the more you lose also the ability to swim with the current.

The more you consciously understand where ‘Rahu ji‘ is trying to lead you in his ‘mahadasha‘ or ‘antardasha‘, the more you can co-create with the universe to claim what your soul is here to accomplish!

It’s really that simple.

Here’s the first secret out of 101 secrets that I’m going to share about ‘Rahu mahadasha‘. Follow this blog to follow more posts and articles on the topic of ‘Rahu mahadasha‘, planets through houses and much much more.

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See you soon.

Hari Om!

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