Why is Rahu in 3rd house considered good?

“Why is Rahu in the 3rd house considered good? I’m running through Rahu Mahadasha & my career has come to a standstill & I haven’t talked to my younger sister for a year now. Why am I having such bad results?”

Hari Om Namo Narayana!

  • According to the BPHS, the North Node of the Moon ‘Rahu’ is considered exalted in the sign of Gemini and the South Node of the Moon ‘Ketu’ which is always opposite the North Node, is considered exalted in Sagittarius.
  • However, there is no unanimous belief in the astrological circuit about the exaltation and debilitation of the nodes.
  • A part of the community believes the North Node to be exalted in the sign of Taurus and South Node in Scorpio.
  • Then there are those who debate the nodes are strictly mathematical points representing the points of intersection between the ecliptic and the Moon’s orbit around the Earth therefore they neither own any signs nor are debilitated or exalted in any of the signs.

Now an important thing to note which is unanimously accepted in the astrological field of study especially ‘nadi jyotisha’ is that the house placements and sign placements have quite a bit of the same energy so for all practical purposes the sign of Taurus is equal to the Second House and the sign of Scorpio is equal to the Eighth house. In the sense that they have the same energy more or less.

(For example: The north node placed in the second house will impart similar energy to the native as the north node placed in the sign of Taurus.)

Coming back to the question, let’s first analyze why the north node is considered so good when placed in the third house.

Here are some reasons why the North Node is considered great in the third house:

  1. Third house is an ‘upachya house’ meaning it grows better with time. This means that the results of the North Node in the third house also give better results with time in line with its signification as well.
  2. Third house is the house of ‘self efforts’ and the energy of the North Node is difficult to control or direct. Maybe that is one of the biggest reasons that the North Node is considered debilitated in the eighth house however in the third house, even if the energy of the North Node goes haywire, the results will almost always be good from a material stand point.
  3. Third house is the house of courage. The north node is the area of life that our soul is out to master in this lifetime. Initially there is some struggle involved and in time it is the general direction that an individual’s life begins to take in this lifetime. So in the third house, the north node imparts a lot of courage to the individual as the individual is naturally destined to learn from ‘experience’ and ‘experimentation’ which leads to the development of a very courageous persona later on.
  4. Third house is the house of the hands and the position of the north node in the third house helps in development of amazing dexterity in the hands and hand movement of the individual. This is because, we must note again, the North Node represents the area that is constantly undergoing development in this lifetime as it is the soul’s purpose to master that energy. Rahu’s placement here is amazing from the point of view of development of the skills of hands.
  5. Third house is the house of learning and the north node is actually an energy that is very quick to grasp and imitate.
  6. Third house is synonymous with the sign of Gemini and is the natural house of the sign of Gemini. The sign of Gemini is all about learning and imitation and the signification of Mercury is pretty much the same as Mercury is the planet of learning and imitation. This is where the obsessive energy of the north node is actually beautifully placed for the benefit of the native as the greater the hunger for learning the faster the process of learning.
  7. Third house is the house of siblings and the North Node actually encourages great competitive-communicative interaction between siblings.

Sometimes this backfires and all of the points from 1–7 can swing in the opposite direction initially in life at least before the first Saturn Return because the energy of the North Node can quickly get out of hand and accelerate and escalate matters.

What is happening with you is just that.

Going by your question, without even knowing your date of birth I can estimate for sure that you are younger than 41 years of age as that is the age that the North Node matures and it usually gives good controlled results after that.

Further, although speculative and please Quora moderation don’t remove my answer for speculating on one point, I would say you are less than 34 years of age as at that age Saturn matures and usually a Saturn maturation means better results for the North Node.

Now, here’s how you can constructively utilize this energy:

  1. Try to go for a freelancing job or start your own practice or business. The North Node’s position int he third house creates conflicts with authority as the third house is sixth from the tenth and these people are better of working on their own.
  2. Whenever you are interacting with your peers (also represented by the third house) try to communicate very logically and patiently. This will help direct the energies of the third house in the right manner.
  3. Keep a check on how you communicate with others and please make sure not to use bad words or expletives in your communication with others. (North Node in the third house can create that bad habit)
  4. Try to be more considerate of other people’s feelings and understand that not everyone is as strong as you or even strong enough to take your criticism or tolerate being ‘pushed’ in a constructive and positive manner. (The north node in the third house has a tendency of making the person a bully because they can’t control the aggression and competitive spirit of the third house all the time)
  5. Try to pick a job in sales and I’m sure you will find it very easy to land a job in sales as sales is nearest to the significations of the third house and involves a lot of self efforts and short travelling and communication. All of these are third house significations and developing the third house in general will satisfy the hunger of the North Node Rahu and things will improve exponentially.

Hari Om Namo Narayana!

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