Meaning and Importance of the Solar Plexus-Manipura Chakra- Part-1

1. Mantra: ‘Ram’ (Pronounced ‘Rum’)
2. Location: Below the rib cage above the navel.
3. Color: Yellow
4. Position: Parallel to the Earth/ Perpendicular to the Spine
5. Rotation: Clockwise
6. Corresponding Planetary energy: Mars
7. Corresponding Number: 1
8. Corresponding Mudra: Rudra Mudra

Across cultures, a lot of importance has been laid to the solar plexus. The proverbial ‘fire in the belly’ is quite related to the concept of the solar plexus, the stomach being the center of vitality of the human body. The stomach is directly related to the mind it is said. This region in fact, of the solar plexus, above the navel and below the rib cage in the front; lumbar region from the back, is the center of stability.

This is where almost all of your most vital organs are situated from the pancreas and kidneys to the spleen, stomach and liver.

This chakra is the center of your self esteem and will to fight for what you want in life. If you have an over active will or an under active will you may have tendencies for stomach upsets. It is also vice a versa therefore strengthening this region results in improvement of the will power as well. Imagine dealing with a stomach ailment. It can be the most frustrating thing compared with let’s say if you sprained your wrist or an ankle. A stomach ailment completely decapitates your daily routine because you can’t be confident in undertaking any activity. That is how it is with the solar plexus. That is the importance of this energy center.

The desire to establish your will in the world. The desire to shine, be recognized and seen. The color yellow is associated with this chakra. Yellow, same as the sun. When is the sun at its yellowest? In the noon! When it is out there for all to see. Yellow is again a color associated with gold, the color associated with divinity and brilliance. Across cultures the associations with the color yellow and gold have been made to the divinity.

As was written in the previous article, our difference in what we desire and what we truly are, helps in giving us our identity (the solar chakra). Your identity is shaped by not only the things you choose to integrate within you but also the things you release or refrain from. That is so natural if you really think of it. That’s how it is with the food you eat and how it builds you up the way it does isn’t it? What you eat is how you think, how you look and what you don’t eat has an equal role to play in this process that shapes your identity.

The higher lesson here is to embrace the fact that there will always be a sacrifice involved in embracing the identity you desire. You cannot stay where you are and also become who your soul calls out to be. That process will involve action and consistency which will require all the important elements working perfectly. At the end of the day, in pursuit of your dreams, it will be more about your ability to stomach the defeats and setbacks. The test will eventually be on whether you can persevere but you can’t do one without the other. The legendary Vince Lombardi said the harder you work the difficult it gets to give up. It makes sense doesn’t it? It’s a self fulfilling prophecy to keep on coming back again and again from every setback and putting in the work everyday that eventually just adds up and builds this massive survival spirit.

It’s not what happens to you that separates you from the rest. It is what you do about everything that happens to you. How you react to things, how you keep believing in yourself when others can’t see it because they won’t.. it’s your dream. It was given to you.

Don’t lose confidence because people can’t see what you see or they can’t see in you what is special about you. This is the key to unlocking the power of the Solar Plexus. Learn to shine! Teach yourself to connect with your soul’s desire and let it empower you to move ahead through life. There will always be tons of challenges to face even if you do what is safe. Even if you do what is easy you will ultimately realize it is not that easy after all. It isn’t. It isn’t easy being dead long before you’re buried because there’s a lot of pretense involved. Just be you!

Chakra artwork credits: Olga Nikitana

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