Empower your mind….set it free

Freeing your mind, is like unlocking the gates to a dozen bulls at the Pamplona bull run. You unleash a power that is beyond you… in all senses of the word. It’s like unlocking the very force that can run or ruin your life. For what if your mind goes of on a destructive tangent and nothing is the same anymore? What if your view of your universe changes irreversibly? What if you know so much you can’t fit in anymore?

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is a lot.

Albert Einstein

That’s exactly, why societal conditioning in the modern era have emphasized the so called importance of what is right, what is wrong, what is immoral and what is unethical. Hear me out here, it’s not what you think. The principles of peace and humanity exist but the concept of morality is very closely tied to the intellectual capabilities of the society at the time. In the time of Copernicus, it was ghastly to think that the Earth revolves around the Sun. At the same time, not very long ago, the minimum age to get married in societies were just unthinkable, they were at the pre teen level and that was perfectly normal and acceptable.

Cultures have kept the source of the energy that your mind is capable of, hidden somewhere behind the cobwebs of beliefs and thoughts and all sorts of ‘knowledge’ passed down from one generation to the other by word of mouth or books. The point here is to ask what is exactly meant for the higher good and what isn’t?

Is it in the best interest of the higher good, for raising the general baseline levels of societal functioning and thought by enforcing uniformity or is it to orchestrate better control?

And somewhere all of these mechanisms, became interspersed with religious adaptations and that was the end of the ‘free mind’ as could have been known to man!

A very important question to ask is what is ‘freedom’ to the average person? By the definition of the word, it is the ability for a person to choose form themselves. Those independent choices may or may not be in coherence with the general consensus. However, let’s say in these modern times, (and I’m giving the example of a friend) I as a female am happy performing household chores and looking after children and helping my husband stay organized, it is my freedom to be that way. Theoretically, you could be a feminist and decide working a full time job isn’t for you. Practically, this becomes difficult because you’d probably end up lonely. Other ‘feminists’ just won’t like your idea. They may feel you’re letting them down. It’s the same way for any other non conformist.

Setting your mind free is not about that though. It’s about accepting that YOU are what your mind IS and your mind is what you ARE. Simply put, your thoughts build your self and your self builds your thoughts!

You do not have to control or ‘break in’ your mind, that’s alienating it from yourself. You alienate it from your self and your mind will never fully work for you even if you are able to pipe down the thoughts that pop in unwanted or get it to focus on things you want.

You want to ride that raging bull. You want to surf that towering wave. You want to jump on top of that wild stallion and race away into the sunset. You don’t want to live a life that constantly leaves you feeling there could be a lot more to it. You want to discover how far you can go and with each step go farthest from where you’ve ever been.

That’s what you want! That is the basis for human development. We wouldn’t have reached the moon if hadn’t been for that. We most certainly wouldn’t have thought going to space commercially would be possible or travelling to Mars would be viable. However, we are doing all of that today. We are doing all of that because every once in a while a few enlightened souls break away from the pact and follow their thoughts to the other side. The other side, where dreams transform into reality.

And really that’s all there is to it!
Don’t try to control or command your mind into submission. Learn to let it run free, it’ll tire out. No matter how chaotic your thoughts in the beginning may seem, you need to let go of control and just become and observer. Observe your mind as it tires itself running around, kicking and snarling and from corner to corner. Watch it while it’s doing all that. Just don’t let it go. Stay with it. All of the thoughts are coming from somewhere within you. From some conscious or unconscious experience. Chances are upsetting thoughts mostly come from your sub conscious or unconscious mind because if you had been conscious during an experience, it would have seamlessly become a part of you.

Next time your mind goes out of control, watch it, keep watching it until it has tired itself out. Until it has run itself out and gain control when there are no thoughts left to be bounced off the walls of your brain.
All ‘eccentric’ geniuses knew how to ride that awesome wave of their mind. No wonder all great men have had a tendency of working at really long stretches of 12, 14 even 16 hours at times. Edison would disappear into his lab and have his family roll in cans of soup through the window for dinner. Michael Jackson would sometimes train to the point of fainting. Beethoven would go crazy after a piece to the point of remaining inside the confines of his room for weeks at a stretch.

So, what did these people do? Would you call that ‘god concentration’ ? No. there’s much more to it! ‘Great dedication’? No, there’s more! Bipolarity? Can’t be, if that was the case all bipolars would be geniuses!

There’s just one thing they did like none other could!

They could unleash the true power of their mind.
The true power of their thoughts.

Because they weren’t afraid!

Don’t try to tame your mind into submission, it’s like driving a Bugatti Veyron at 40mph!!!

If anything, learn how to drive that Bugatti. It’s the greatest gift you could have ever had. You don’t know it for the moment perhaps because they’ve convinced you otherwise.

Why is it that very few people are able to realize this power in this lifetime?

Some answers are so simple you never really think about them. You keep on looking out instead for something complex to fill that gap while the answer you needed was staring at you in the face all the while.

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