You could catch her within
the palms of your hands;
If you’re fast enough,
But why would you?
She’s a hummingbird.

You could trap her within
a garden
of the most colourful
flowers ever;
And watch her levitate busily
from one to the next,
always within sight..

But why would you?
She’s a hummingbird!

She disappears into the
Hibiscuses and reemerges
from the Petunias,
as if she conceals
secret skills of

You watch in awe as
she’s furiously at work;
Gracefully suspended..
Vertically Axially Precise,
Pitch Yaw Roll;
There’s precise mathematics
In those maneuvers.

And she has a tender heart..
but she isn’t faint hearted.
That little machine
is working overtime,
at 1000 beats a minute..
It’s always,

She doesn’t soar the skies
but her wings aren’t
by any means,
any less,
than the eagle’s..

There’s a madness concealed
underneath that grace,
invisible to the naked eyes..
A roaring passionate
Punishing the air itself
more times a second
than there are seconds
a minute!

And all you hear
are animated
And a continuous

As she floats backwards
and forwards, like
beautiful clockwork..
with wings!

And all you see
are the beautiful colours,
and a blur..
where her wings
should be..

But you don’t see
the endless thirst,
driving the endless
fueling the endless
For each second
she defies her own fears
of falling through,
the air itself..

And if she floats
in to your garden
one day,
you do well to
do nothing;
Nothing at all.
Remember that
she’s powerful
as fuck,
but she’s a little bird
after all!

And if there’s
a place good enough
in your garden;
Just enough
where you could
keep a penny and forget it,
never find it..
maybe she’ll stay;
And you won’t even know,
you’ll just see her
Miraculously appear
and disappear..
And you would do well
to just be happy
with what you’ve got.

Don’t go searching and prying,
you’ll scare her away.
You’ll do well to be happy,
with what you got.
Don’t go building glasshouses
and boxes and walls
to hold her down..
She’s powerful
as fuck,
but she’s a little bird
after all!

Music from madness
with each little breath,
And a hum hum hum,
with every crazy beat..

She’s a hummingbird!

© Jay Kaushal